Weather the Weather in Style with Rental Umbrellas & Parasols

This being Houston and all, into at least a few brides’ weddings some rain must fall. If you’re planning an outdoor ceremony, cocktail hour or reception, you’re going to want to check out Bella Umbrella, which carries awesome vintage and vintage-inspired rental umbrellas. We’ve used these ourselves for Weddings in Houston photo shoots, and we gotta say, they are utterly adorable.

For ultra-feminine, romantic types, there are ruffled-canopy designs in a variety of colors and patterns. We’re partial to the peach canopy with black polka dots and black ruffled edge but you may prefer the dusty rose canopy with multi ruffle tiers and bamboo handle, or one of the many other ruffled styles.

And imagine an outdoor fête festooned with a sea of green-and-silver striped pagodas or chic pink-and-black striped canopies? What a photo op!

Makes you feel a whole lot better about that iffy forecast, don’t it?

You don’t have to pray for rain to take advantage of Bella Umbrella. To keep guests shaded from the sun, or as an accessory to bridal party attire, we heart Bella Umbrella’s non-rainproof bridal parasols. There’s the classic ruffled ivory, the evocative lace canopy with wood post handle and a glamorous ostrich-feather trimmed style, plus tons of twirlable others.


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