6 Unique Wedding Guestbooks You’ll Display Long After the Big Day

Let’s face it, a regular ol’ guestbook at your wedding will only be useful for one night. After that, it likely will join other keepsakes in a closet somewhere to gather dust until you get a notion to haul it out for a look-see wayyyyy down the road. Instead of a dust-collector, we recommend you re-think your wedding guestbook as a collector-worthy work of personalized art that you’ll be proud to show off in your newlywed nest for years to come!

For travelers and adventure-seekers, a customized globe guestbook lets wedding guests feel like they’re going on this adventure with you!

unique-wedding-guest-book Custom Globe via Etsy shop: NewlyScripted

Family, friends and faith come together in a bible guestbook, where wedding attendees have the opportunity to circle, highlight or decorate around their favorite verse and sign their names, creating an heirloom that can be passed down for generations.

unique-wedding-guestbook Photo: Alisha Crossley Photography

Oh, winter weddings! Full of joy, twinkling lights, and seasonal tidings! What better way to add a personal touch to your Christmas tree than with personalized “guestbook” ornaments, signed by your guests on your wedding day, and enjoyed during the holiday season year after year after year?

 unique-wedding-guestbook Photo: Fidelio Photography

One of our current guestbook faves is the Polaroid photo guestbook! Guests will have loads of fun posing for selfie (with or without props), and you’ll have tons of fun for decades to come flipping through a guestbook full of their pix and sweet wedding messages.

TheSunshineGarden Photo Guestbook via Etsy shop: The Sunshine Garden

Trying to decorate your new “together” home is no easy task, but it’s way more fun when you get to fill it with meaningful personalized artwork like this adorable wedding guestbook, created with oodles of little hearts, each signed by a wedding guest and dropped into a clear frame that’s mantelpiece ready and really, really lovely.

unique-wedding-guestbook Photo:Kasey Lynn Photography

Planning a rustic-elegant wedding? Then this guestbook idea is for you! A personalized wood frame with your names and wedding date makes a great canvas for guests to add their own sign-in “brushstrokes,” creating a perfectly personalized painting you’ll display, with love, now and forever.

unique-wedding-guestbook Photo: Photography by Niki


Guest Post: Kat Creech of Kat Creech Events Shares Her Best Wedding Guestbook Ideas

We’re delighted to welcome event planner extraordinaire Kat Creech of Kat Creech Events (you may remember her from THIS gorgeous wedding or THIS one) to the Houston Wedding Blog today, to share her tips on creating a unique, original and beautiful wedding guestbook that guests will have fun signing into at the wedding—and that you will cherish for a lifetime.

From Kat Creech:

The memories you make on your wedding day should last a lifetime. So, when we talk about ideas for wedding guestbooks with our clients, we talk about personalization and something practical that isn’t just a document of who attended your wedding—but a keepsake that can be returned to over and over again, and enjoyed over the years.

Here are some of our best tips:

Guest Post: Kat Creech of Kat Creech Events on Awesome Wedding Guestbook Ideas

Photo: Steve Lee Weddings

A thumbprint guestbook is an art piece that allows guests to use a stamp pad and leave their thumbprint with a message. Most commonly used are trees, upon which guests press their thumbprints as “leaves.” If you have talent in the family, use it, and take the idea of a thumbprint tree to truly create a masterpiece to enjoy in your home. One client’s mom, a rockstar artist, painted the landscape of a tree, while the bride cut paper leaves and lemons for guests to sign, creating a canvas wedding guestbook. The end result was pretty epic. But trees aren’t the only option. Peacock feathers, balloons—they sky is the limit. You should pick a format that blends with your personal style, not just the wedding style, as you want it to remain timeless. Think of your hobbies and life passions, and create some magic.

Guest Post: Kat Creech of Kat Creech Events on Awesome Wedding Guestbook Ideas

Photo: Raymond Gray Photography

How about having guests write a personal note on a card and placing it in an envelope as part of your wedding guestbook? Using a blend of your wedding colors and an oh-so fabulous wedding smash book, we have created a guestbook design with a little effort and a lot of personalization, not to mention a lifetime of memories. This kind of guestbook invites private, intimate messages from friends and family, and allows you to look back on you wedding day and those who celebrated with you. Awww…

Guest Post: Kat Creech of Kat Creech Events on Awesome Wedding Guestbook Ideas

Photo: Steve Lee Weddings

Planning to have a photo booth at your wedding? Not only will it provide a way for guests to cool down from all the dancing, and let their hair down after all the formalities, but photo booth photos really capture the exuberance of the wedding moment. Since most photo booths print two copies of each photo, your guests can keep one as a keepsake, and place the other in a photo guestbook, which you can customize to fit your wedding theme—thank you, Etsy!

Guest Post: Kat Creech of Kat Creech Events on Awesome Wedding Guestbook Ideas

Photo: Steve Lee Weddings

For those of you who want to really make a statement, awesome oversize whimsical white initial letters might be the thing for you. They can be decorated with loving messages from family and friends in bright colors, and become a personal touch to your wedding. Add some oversize paper flowers and your guestbook becomes an art piece in your new home. Good stuff!

Guest Post: Kat Creech of Kat Creech Events on Awesome Wedding Guestbook Ideas

Photo: Steve Lee Weddings

Got a grandma, aunt or family member who loves to quilt? Embrace the idea of having your guests sign quilt squares as your wedding guestbook. Provide fabric squares for guests to leave a little love message on. These can then be made into a guestbook quilt you can snuggle under while watching movies…perhaps even the film of your unforgettable wedding! Truth be told, I want a wedding redo so I can steal this idea.

Congratulations, and happy planning, brides!!