I Do! Bridal Soiree at Royal Sonesta TV Spot: VIDEO

Have you seen our I Do! Bridal Soiree spot running on your favorite TV station? If not, here’s your chance! BIG thanks to A&A Video Productions for its awesome camera and production work. BTW, they do AMAZING wedding videography, too. Make sure to check them out at Sunday’s show. Pre-sale tickets available for $20 through noon Saturday; $25 at the door. And…ACTION!


Can You Really Call A&A’s Storyteller Series Chapter II a Wedding Video?

The answer is, “No.” Because it’s SO much more than that. Although we watched (and, admittedly, wept through) Storyteller Series Chapter I—featuring the utterly adorable John and Stephanie —we’ve got to admit, we were just a tiny bit skeptical, what with all the hype surrounding A&A’s Video Productions’ release last night of the second installment in its limited-edition wedding series.

But once we got to view “Mi Companera de Viajes”—Liza and Virgilio’s much-anticipated wedding film—we were blown away. We asked A&A’s Lisa Ray just how the film team is able to capture so many incredible, intimate moments, and transform them into a motion picture worthy of any cinema’s silver screen. “We like our clients to think of our process being similar to the process of the documentaries we see on television and in the theaters,” she told us. “Although our mission is to objectively capture the naturally occurring events of the day, our level of preparation leaves no part of the process simply to chance. Sometimes we may ask our couples to re-enact certain moments, but we never simply direct them. Authenticity is of the utmost importance, and therefore we can influence the outcome, but never control it.” However complex the process, the result, we must say, is pretty extraordinary. We can’t imagine a couple who wouldn’t want this kind of document of their big day—and the many days, hours and moments leading up to it. We’d love to know what you think of this intense and exciting new approach to wedding filmmaking—please share your comments here.

Think your love story might be Storyteller Series material? Contact A&A for details on how to create some movie magic.

Now, dim the lights, cue the hankies, and press PLAY.

Mi Compañera De Viajes – Chapter II of the A&A Storyteller Series from A&A Video Productions on Vimeo.