Priscilla of Boston’s Jewel Collection

It’s named for the object of many a girl’s affection, and rightly so. Priscilla of Boston’s brand-new Jewel collection is one to love, especially in today’s tight economic times. Designed by Kelly Faetanini, the spectacularly talented prodigy of Priscilla of Boston star designer Tracy Uomoleale, Jewel gowns have a fresh, youthful, yet still undeniably glamorous feel—all in the remarkably reasonable $1,650 – $2,950 price range. Affordability aside, these gowns have got it going on, big time. Silhouettes range from classic ball gowns to full A-lines, with exquisitely elegant details including beading, embroidery and lace. Faetanini takes much of her inspiration from her lifelong love of ballet, and that passion shows in touches like criss-crossed fabric (borrowed from ballet- slipper ribbons) and sparkling waistline embellishments. And it’s no surprise that these gowns have a custom feel, seeing as Faetanini got her start as a sales and design rep in a New York City bridal boutique, where she offered to redesign dresses to fit brides’ needs when standard fare just wasn’t up to snuff. One style has a crystal-encrusted and embroidered belt detail at ribcage height, and the delightful surprise of hidden pockets—so handy for hankies, lipstick and whatnot. Another features a gorgeous pleated bodice and embroidered flowers adorned by hand with rhinestones and crystals. Budget gown? Ha! What I like best about Jewel gowns is their balance of structure and softness. While all the gowns in the collection are unquestionably elegant, they have an ease of movement and earthy romanticism that sets my heart aflutter. Models have been sporting Jewel gowns with hair worn down, loose and a little tousled, and simple but striking makeup—perfection. To check out these gems for yourself, pop into Priscilla of Boston, where the very knowledgeable and helpful Victoria, Sandie and salon manager Veronica await your visit with bells—and jewels–on. Buy your Jewel gown during the week of May 21 – 25 and you’ll get 10% off the already affordable price.

(Photos courtesy Priscilla of Boston)

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