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Houston Wedding Blog: What are the most popular pre-wedding dentist consultation services Forestwood Dental provides for brides-to-be, groom-to-be, bridal party and mothers/fathers of brides & grooms?

Forestwood Dental: At least 6 months before the wedding or event, schedule a pre-wedding dentist consultation to discuss whitening or any other imperfections you want to fix before your big day. Plan to visit the dentist at least 12 months before your wedding if you are planning of having short-term orthodontics.

Make an appointment for getting your teeth cleaned as soon as possible. To get the best results with aesthetic procedures, the bridal party and family should plan a visit at least 6 months before the wedding to ensure that they accomplish whatever they would like. If you plan on taking engagement photos, you’ll need to move that deadline up even further. Follow this schedule for specific treatments:

Forestwood Dental Houston Texas Invisalign Best Price

Invisible Aligners: 12 months before wedding or pictures

These are short-term orthodontic solutions to straighten your teeth a little at a time using clear alignment trays. You will still be able to eat anything you want, because the trays can be removed at any time. It is recommended that you wear them 20-22 hours a day.

Dental Implants: 3-6 months before wedding or pictures

Dental implants restore a lost tooth so that it looks, feels, fits and functions like a natural tooth. Implants help prevent healthy, adjacent teeth from shifting into the empty space next to them.

Teeth Whitening: 2 months before wedding or pictures

The whitening process varies depending on your desired results. Some people will only need one treatment while others will require additional visits. Plan ahead of time so that you will be happy with the results for your big day. The dentist will determine which method of whitening is best for you. Whitening can cause gingival irritation if gum tissue is accidentally exposed. Leaving enough time before your big day will allow gum tissue to heal.

Dental Bridges: 1-2 months before wedding or pictures

A dental bridge is used to bridge the gap created by one or more missing teeth. The bridge restores your bite and helps keep the natural shape of your face.

Porcelain Veneers: 1-2 weeks before wedding or pictures

Porcelain veneers are great for addressing misshapen teeth, severely discolored or stained teeth, worn or chipped teeth, and gapped teeth. Veneers are bonded to your natural teeth. They are customized for your smile, meaning the color, shape and length of your veneers are carefully designed to suit your smile and complement your other teeth. At Forestwood Dental, we are able to make veneers in the same visit using our Cerec machine! There’s no need to wait.

Dental Crowns: 1-2 weeks before wedding or pictures

Porcelain crowns can cover your cracked tooth and protect it with a natural-looking smile. The crown is recommended if your tooth is cracked too deeply for dental bonding repair or if your teeth need a more intensive restoration. You can get a crown done in the same day as your appointment through the use of our Cerec machine.

Dental Bonding: 1 week before wedding or pictures.

Dental bonding can be used if you have a minor cracked or chipped tooth. This procedure is done in the same visit with our dentists. The dentist will use material to match your existing tooth color to create a natural look.

Forestwood Dental Houston Texas Wedding Bride Dentist

Houston Wedding Blog: What dental care regimen do you recommend that brides/grooms do at home in the months leading up to the wedding?

Forestwood Dental: Avoid teeth-staining foods: red wine, coffee or tea, deep-colored berries or fruit, soda, soy sauce, dark-colored juices/smoothies. While you don’t have to stop drinking or eating these foods and drinks, you can be careful about how you consume them. You may use a straw to avoid contact with your teeth, avoid swishing liquids, and aim to drink water after consuming these foods.

Increase your water consumption, which helps to water down stain-causing foods and keep teeth whiter. Water will help keep your mouth and lips moistened, making it easier to smile, keep your lipstick fresh all day long, and reduce dental caries.

Use whitening toothpaste and rinses to maintain your whitened teeth after professional treatment. Try using a whitening toothpaste and rinse as a part of your daily oral hygiene routine to maintain those pearly whites. Whitening toothpaste contains mild abrasives to gently polish teeth and remove stains as you brush. Whitening rinses usually have peroxide as a bleaching agent to brighten your teeth. Look for alcohol-free formulas to avoid damaging dental work or weakening overall tooth structure. A colorless mouthwash is best for you keeping pearly whites gleaming, not to mention keep your smile minty fresh. Also, don’t forget to floss every day!

If you chew gum, look for sugar-free chewing gum. Chewing gum increases saliva production, which helps keep teeth cleaner and brighter for your big day.

And, of course, check in with your dentist regularly to help obtain a beautiful smile for your big day.

Houston Wedding Blog: What’s the number one “Don’t” you caution brides/grooms to avoid in advance of the wedding?

Forestwood Dental: Don’t whiten the day before the wedding, or whiten your teeth too often. Overuse of whitening products can cause tooth pain or sensitivity. Whitening the day of or the day before the wedding may cause gum irritation, which takes some time to heal. Consult with your dentist to determine the frequency and duration you should whiten.

To schedule your pre-wedding dentist consultation, call Forestwood Dental today, and don’t forget to tell them you found them on the Houston Wedding Blog!



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