Bride and Bridesmaid Handbags from Freddy & Ma

Freddy & Ma handbag
Freddy & Ma handbag

Oh boy, are we excited to turn you on to Freddy & Ma. This brother and sister team makes finding the perfect handbag to go with your gown or bridesmaid dresses a breeze. What do we love the most? Why, being able to shop by color, of course!

Looking for green? Freddy & Ma have got limes, olives, forests, shamrocks, springs and emeralds. Got your girls done up in pink? Freddy & Ma offer fuchsias, roses, salmons, cerises and the palest blushes. Looking to contrast your maids’ orange or pink gowns with a hip yellow handbag? Look to Freddy & Ma for ambers, golds, mustards, lemons, goldenrods and chartreuses.

And what about patterns? Glad you asked! This uber-talented design duo has everything from florals large and small to paisleys to geometrics to mod motifs, fleurs de lis, peacock feathers, and on and on and on.

For the bride who can’t decide, Freddy & Ma has custom style options with features including chain wristlets, hot-pink grosgrain lining, leather trim and ID pockets.

You really can’t go wrong with these retro-chic, totally contemporary, perfect little clutches—for your wedding day, or any day.

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