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Are You Ready for the New Weddings in Houston?

…because we’re almost ready for you!! We’re adding the final fabulous touches, banishing the last few bugs and getting everything set for the unveiling of the gorgeous new Weddings in Houston website. And don’t worry, unlike some recent “upgrades” to websites you know and love (hint, hint, Facebook!), we’re not changing any of the features that make Weddings in Houston the most visited, most used, most LOVED wedding site in Houston (and, incidentally, well beyond). We’re just making everything better and easier to use. It’s like Weddings in Houston after a weekend at the spa: a little fresher, a little more beautiful and totally invigorated.

The icing on the cake? This here blog’s getting it’s own makeover, too. More exclusive Real Weddings, more local talent, more wedding style discoveries, more developing wedding trends, more inspiration from around the wedding universe. You’re gonna love it, we promise.

Make sure you’re in the loop when we launch. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the big announcement!

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