HWB Loves: Sweet, Sophisticated Wedding Favors

With their pretty pastel shells and symbolic sweetness, Jordan almonds have long been a take-home tradition at Middle Eastern, Greek and Italian weddings. And, of course, Mexican wedding cookies are a beloved treat at Mexican weddings from Oaxaca to…Houston! We’re nuts about sweet wedding favors (who isn’t??), especially when they’re presented and packaged with such sophisticated style, it’s almost a sin to scarf them down. Almost. Chocolate wedding “cakes,” artistic cake pops, couture cookie wedding favors—we’ll take one of each. To go!

Sweet, Sophisticated Wedding Favors ~ Houston Wedding Blog Sweet, Sophisticated Wedding Favors

Photos: Cookie tower, Michael’s Cookie Jar (photo by Adam Nyholt)~Jeweled box & Louis Vuitton box, SoBelle Favors~Macarons, SWEET Houston~Wedding cake chocolates, Divine Chocolate~Cherry blossom cake pops, Mom’s Killer Cakes & Cookies

Sweet Tooth: Little White Wedding Bites

Vintage Dessert Displays

We know a gal who swears that as a toddler she went through a phase where she’d only eat white food. Cottage cheese, rice, white bread. That sort of thing. Now that she’s all grown up, our formerly finicky friend has expanded her culinary tastes exponentially. Thank goodness, too. Because white food is blah food.

Except when it’s dessert. Wedding dessert, in particular. Picture a post-meal sweets spread, filled with exquisite goodies in different wedding-white shades from snow to cream, beckoning guests to dig in. Pretty, right? Especially when displayed on lovely, vintage-inspired tiered dessert trays and cake plates like these. Have your cake…and eat lots of other yummy desserts, too, we say!

Vintage Cake Stands

Photos: (Top, clockwise) Beau-CoupDiary of a Mad HausfrauSweetly Scrumptious, Amy Atlas Events; (Bottom, clockwise) Preston Bailey, Kaboodle, Re-Found Objects, Burlap and Blue