Preserve Your Wedding Gown the Twin Oaks Way (aka, the RIGHT Way)

Twin Oaks Cleaners Houston

Photos: Top Left: Alvina Valenta, Middle: Alvina Valenta, Top Right: Naeem Khan, Bottom Left: LaceNTrim via Etsy, Bottom Right: Reem Acra

You know it, we know it, designers know it: A wedding gown is NOT like other garments. Unfortunately, many dry cleaners who advertise “wedding gown preservation” do not understand exactly how special wedding gowns are, and what kind of painstaking care is required to preserve them beautifully, and without damage.

Twin Oaks Cleaners has made wedding gown preservation a priority for more than 60 years. No, not just a priority—an art. We’re not kidding. This iconic Houston business employs not one but two full-time spotters whose sole job is to identify any staining and determine exactly which solvents are required to return the dress material to pristine condition. And a team of experts who dedicate themselves to removing any accessory or bit of ornamentation that might be damaged during cleaning. Yeah. It’s that kind of place.

And when it comes to your wedding gown, it’s the only kind of place you want to entrust with that gown’s care.

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