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Clay Flowers by DK Designs

Clay Flowers by DK Designs
Clay Flowers by DK Designs

There’s nothing quite as beautiful, quite as fresh, quite as romantic as wedding-day flowers. Until the end of the night when they droop and discolor and have to be tossed unceremoniously in the trash bin, that is.

If you’ve dreamt about wedding flowers that would look gorgeous and last practically forever, your dreams have now come true. Diane Phillips of DK Designs creates clay flower arrangements that are every bit as vibrant as the real thing, but will stay totally fresh looking throughout your event, and endure for ages beyond (with proper care—don’t get them wet or expose them to extended direct sunlight—and storage).

DK Designs’ custom creations include centerpieces, bridal bouquets, hair accessories, boutonnieres and wedding favors—all made from CLAYCRAFT by DECO Soft Clay. The designer also sells standard designs through her Etsy shop. These flowers are incredibly lifelike and richly colored—guests will think they’re real, unless you tell them otherwise.

We love, love, love this concept, and we love DK Designs. So does Martha Stewart. The queen of crafts featured DK Designs on her “Martha Stewart Show” April Fool’s Day episode, where Diane taught Martha how to make clay hydrangeas.

Check out these stunning examples for inspiration!