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A Sweet Alternative for Wedding Day Hair Removal

For years, the formula for Houston brides to look (and feel) picture-perfect on their wedding day has included a great dress, killer shoes, sparkly jewels, a mani-pedi, a great makeup artist and hairstylist, and the removal of unwanted hairs. We’ll gladly take the first six things on that list, but honestly, we’d prefer to skip the last one. Really, what Houston bride really wants to endure the sting of waxing, tweezing, or shaving—much less the scent of some depilatory?

None we know.

That’s why we’re such big fans of Cleopatra’s Secret, a spa that removes unwanted hair using a technique called body sugaring. To develop this sweet alternative to waxing, owner Ati Shafik borrowed from ancient hair-removal techniques used in her native Egypt. Her all-natural, patent-pending formula consists of sugar, lemon, and water. So you can mark harmful chemicals and preservatives off your list of pre-wedding worries. Ditto for red bumps, which disappear within an hour of sugaring.

And because the formula is warm rather than hot, clients here let out sighs of “Ahhh…” rather than the inevitable “OUCH!” produced by waxing. Yes, Houston brides, that’s what happens when you’ve got no chance of getting burned. Just ask the hundreds of Cleopatra’s regulars—and the Houston brides and grooms who have come here to get picture-perfect.

Consider yourself warned, though: A visit to Cleopatra’s Secret will leave your skin feeling awfully soft and smelling sweet. Even better: you don’t have to wait until those last frantic days before your big day to reap the benefits of sugaring. That’s because Cleopatra’s Secret removes hair from the roots for 5 to 7 weeks.

So where do you have hair that you’d rather not show up in your wedding pictures? You name it, and Cleopatra’s Secret has you covered—brows, nose, ears, sideburns, lips, chin, neckline, underarms, arms, hands, shoulders, legs, knees, and feet. And if you’re thinking beyond the wedding photos, rest assured: The spa can remove hair from parts of your body that your wedding photographer won’t capture.