Steven Neaves Media


Hey friends, my name is Steven and I am a central-Texas based wedding photographer and videographer that creates an atmosphere of laughter, relaxation, and creativity. I believe that every wedding leaves a lasting impact in a larger narrative that is woven together by deep lasting love. I want the moments captured on your wedding day to be mounted on your fireplace for generations to see as they come around for the holidays and replayed every time the family comes over to hear how you two fell in love. My style is influenced by years of seeing beautiful love stories of friends and families blossom around me. From these years of formative memories, I document the day dedicated to your love story with creative confidence that your future generations will look back on fondly. I am for the authentic and joy filled brides and grooms that are looking for a wedding photographer and videographer wholeheartedly focused on documenting a monumental day in the legacy they are continuing to form.