Privy & May Travel


Privy & May is a refreshingly modern, luxury travel agency providing unique lifestyle itineraries, custom journeys and curated travel services.

Our team of experts knows the most romantic honeymoon destinations and beautiful settings to tailor the intimate moments of starting your new life together. We take care in understanding you and your partner’s unique desires to ensure every last detail of your honeymoon reflects both of your personalities.

It is with this mindset that we will design an exceptionally personalized travel experience for you and your partner, creating an unrivaled blend of culture, adventure and luxury tailored to your desires.

Watch the sunset on a beach in Italy, take a luxury cruise, explore the culture and cuisine in Hong Kong, go on an African Safari, or relax on a Spa & Wellness getaway. Whatever your dream getaway is, Privy & May will plan your perfect honeymoon vacation. Contact Privy & May to learn more!

Client Testimonials

“We worked with the Destination Designer, Christie, to plan our honeymoon and from our initial conversation we were wowed. While we knew we wanted to go to Costa Rica, that is about all we knew. She provided all the insight and designed a honeymoon experience that was the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. We absolutely loved how she took into account both of our needs - I desired an offshore fishing charter while my bride wanted to experience the spa & thermal springs, and she made it all happen for us. The service was exceptional and the experience amazing, truly 'Pura Vida' as the Costa Rican people would say! Highly recommend.” - Kenny & Dominesha

“Love! Love! Love! Their professionalism and attention to detail is unmatched. Our honeymoon travel agent, Christie, was a true God send. She listened carefully to all of our desires, respected our budget and crafted the most amazing honeymoon getaway that my husband and I could ever have dreamed of. She managed to ease my stress so I could focus on my wedding planning. She even managed to periodically check in to make sure we were all good on our trip, not to mention she was on top of everything anytime I had a question (before, during, and after the trip). Coming from people who don't usually believe in using travel advisors for many reasons, my husband and I would both highly recommend Christie and the professionals at Privy & May, where they create dreams, plan for you and manage to somehow make you feel like family.” - Renee & Branston

“We truly had no idea where to start when booking our Maui Honeymoon, and Privy & May Travel took away all of our stress and made our planning process super easy! I think the best part was being able to show up and enjoy the experience, because everything was 100% taken care of. Truly refreshing after the chaos of all the wedding planning and events. Privy & May Travel made a great impression us and we look forward to calling on them for all our future travel needs.” - Carmen & David