Privosa Fine Jewelry


Fine diamond jewelry for anytime, anywhere.

Located in Houston, TX, Privosa Fine Jewelry provides an array of elegant pieces for soon-to-be-wed couples and their entourage. This family-owned company specializes in natural, lab grown, and conflict-free diamonds. Along with their classic selections, you will also be able to create custom rings for you and your partner to match your unique, romantic connection. Privosa Fine Jewelry has been in the Jhaveri family for over five generations. They and their team are dedicated to giving happy couples breathtaking diamond jewelry that they can proudly wear for years to come. As skilled and experienced jewelers, they can accommodate any person’s style, from bold and eye-catching, to delicate minimalism. You will have an array of rings, earrings, pendants, and many other creations to choose from. In addition, the team can create custom pieces for your nuptial journey, from standalone engagement rings to stackable wedding bands. Their designers will work with you throughout the brainstorming process, and provide sketches and 3-D images before you decide on your final design. From the type of metal to the shape and size of your gemstones, your rings will be based on your ideal vision, from start to finish.


"Quality craftsmanship, but best of all is they really give custom service - Parth went out of his way to perfect the tiniest of details." —Rosch Wadera

"I loved working with Privosa Fine Jewelry for my engagement ring! It was important to me that I be able to pick all the details of my ring and they were incredibly helpful with the whole process. My jeweler was quick to respond to any questions." —Lauren D.

"Privosa is the only place I’ll go for all of my fine jewelry needs! Parth was incredible to work with and made the entire process enjoyable. They go above and beyond to get exactly what you are looking for at an incredible price!" —Eric W.