Palace Party Beverage Co.


Palace Party Beverage Co. is a bartending service provider that meets your staffing and on-site bar setup requirements. The company is based in Texas – primarily serving clients in the cities of Houston and Austin.

Palace Party Beverage Co. offers its clients a wide selection of drinks. In fact, it has made its mark with its irresistible craft cocktails. The bar is always one of the hottest spots in any event or celebration. People gravitate towards the bar when they need to loosen up or mingle with other partygoers. An open bar with a professional bartender elevates the atmosphere of any event.

In an event such as wedding receptions, the bar also serves as a great spot for people to pass the time while they wait for the guests of honor to be presented. The bar – not to mention the drinks that it serves – keep people’s energy levels up. It’s the ultimate antidote against dull moments.