DEServing Events


DEServing Events LLC. is the nation’s premier event planning and party coordination consultancy. Our talented team of party planners has all the style, knowledge, and resources you require to make your celebration a success.


“Where do I begin! DEServing events is the absolute best, Ogechi and her team is amazing! In September of 2019 is when my DEServing Events journey began. I met with Ogechi and I knew she was my wedding planner, we connected and we couldn’t stop talking. She truly is a gift to this world and I am truly blessed to have had her by my side during my husband and my wedding planning. Chika was my right-hand girl on my wedding day and she is a gem also, along with the rest of the team. When I tell you my husband and I felt like celebrities on our wedding day; we enjoyed every minute and everything we planned was executed for our special day. I want to go back to our magical wedding day, we had so much fun and we can’t stop reminiscing on that day. Our wedding was truly an experience! If you want someone that will be more than just a wedding planner (Ogechi is now family), someone that will work with your budget, and make you feel like a Disney Princess on your wedding day (or any other celebration) then you must book with DEServing Events.” - Michaela 

“Where do I even begin to start!? Ogechi is a master wedding planner and now a very good lifelong friend to me! She executed everything I wanted for my wedding expertly....and I was asking for a whole lot (including a 6-foot wedding cake to drop down from the ceiling of my venue)! My list was long for her but she did it all with a smile on her face. She was involved in every aspect of the wedding and kept me on track with a detailed wedding planning timeline. Whenever I was feeling overwhelmed She calmed me down and let me know everything would work out, and it sure did! She went to every vendor with me and my husband. She is a great resource and led us to some good vendors with good pricing. She understood that you don't have to spend 200k on a wedding to have an extravagant one. If you are looking for a down-to-earth, super relatable, professional wedding planner then she is the girl for you! Also, the whole DEServing Events team was awesome...she assigned a team member to the bridal party exclusively the day of the wedding so that really helped to have someone around from the team to wrangle all of us together. I had a total of 21 people in my bridal train, so that was no easy task! It helped me stay calm the day of knowing I only had to worry about me, myself, and I. You will not go wrong booking Ogechi and DEServing Events for your wedding :)” - Jessica 

“My experience with DEServing events was an amazing one. She took care of all our needs, gathered all our vendors, and made sure we had a splendid time on our big day. Our family and friends were very impressed with her work as well as she went above and beyond to make sure they were all very comfortable. Choose DEServing events and you will be sure never to regret your choice.” - Ekene