What Lies Beneath: Best Bets in Bridal Shapewear

No matter what shape or size you are, Houston bride, chances are you could probably use a little extra help fitting perfectly into your perfect wedding gown. That’s where wedding shapewear comes in. A good foundation garment is a bride’s best friend—essential for firming, flattening and enhancing your figure and showing off your dress at its very best.

Choosing bridal shapewear can be a tricky task. You want a piece that works body-contouring magic, but you also want to wear an undergarment that’s worthy of your wedding day. Here’s a bit of advice: When it comes to bridal shapewear, go for invisibility and comfort. You can always slip into something slinky, lacy and wedding-night sexy after the guests go home. What’s most important on your wedding day is that you feel confident, comfortable and gorgeous in your gown. After all, there’s nothing worse than having to hoist a bodice or suck in a belly bulge as you pledge your eternal love to your betrothed.

Of course, prioritizing function over femme-fatale fashion doesn’t mean resigning yourself to a grandma-style girdle. Here, instead, are two of our top bridal shapewear picks:

A Little Assistance, Please

Ah, Spanx, what did we ever do before you? No, these are not the most glamorous undergarments you’ll ever encounter, but for sleek, simple, effective body contouring that completely disappears under even the most form-fitting gown, nothing beats Spanx.

The Hide & Sleek Hi-Rise Body Smoother, with terrific tummy- and bottom-smoothing power, is a seamless, no-legband garment that ends just below the braline—perfect for almost any dress style.

Major Support

For fuller figures and ample bustlines, Va Bien is a lifesaver. Our top choice is the Ultra-Lift Seamless Bustier (Va Bien style 1503), which features incredibly strong support, super-soft microfiber material and silicone-treated elastic for an extra-secure bustier grip. All this, and removable straps and garters, too!

There are, of course, many more shapewear styles to choose from. Your selection will depend upon factors like your dress silhouette and material, bodice style and tightness, and whether you plan to wear stockings or not. No matter what undergarment you ultimately choose, remember: Always bring your bridal shapewear with you to your gown fittings to ensure a flawless fit.

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4 thoughts on “What Lies Beneath: Best Bets in Bridal Shapewear

  1. White or off white? Many guests wear very off white or muslin colored [url=http://www.eastbridal.com/bridesmaid-dresses.html]bridesmaid dresses[/url], which is absolutely fine for any wedding. Historically, guests wore “THEIR” best bridesmaid dress to the wedding, and the color wasn’t dictated by anyone. Now, if it a frilly, lacey white-white dress, that is a different story all together! So many things are dependent on culture anyway.

  2. Great article, but I have another amazing shapewear product that women should know about for wearing under their sheer and form fitting wedding dresses. Its called TapeShaper and I just used it under my wedding dress and it worked perfectly as a body smoother/shaper. It was the only shapewear product that worked with my dress because it was so “customizable”, and gave me the control to target what needed to be cinched and smoothed out on my body. Just letting you know about it….

    TapeShaper http://www.tapeshaper.com

  3. completely agree on areas that need to be worked on. I found another site that has variations in compression control from lite to firm. It’ll be great if shapewear brands would specifically cater to individual needs..

  4. Great article! I have to say with a figure hugging strapless wedding dress I found it really difficult to find shape wear that suited! I finally found the perfect one, it was comfortable, breathable, didn’t budge an inch (no rolling) and suited all my needs. I wear it all the time since even on regular days out. This brand truly is amazing! They have a range of 10 different styles, I found mine here http://bitly.com/1CWfWo7

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