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What If You Could Have A Perfect Smile?

Houston Cosmetic Dentist Bride Groom
Photo: Courtesy of Bella Smiles

Smile: You’re about to get some very good news, darling. Over the years, we’ve had lots and lots of inquiries from to-be-wed brides and grooms about when and how to start getting their smiles in shape in advance of the wedding. After all–the wedding day and its surrounding celebrations are, for most, the biggest photo opp in their entire lives. You’re going to smile for so many friends and family members, so many cameras, and so many shots, before and during your wedding day, and those smiles will be recorded for posterity in pictures and videos, both professional and cell-snapped. No presh, right? Well, we’re happy to let y’all know that we’ve discovered a dental practice that has both the expertise and the service to work with couples on perfecting their pearly whites in time for all of those “Smile!” moments.

Houston Dentist Wedding Smile
Photo: Courtesy of Bella Smiles

Sugar Land’s Bella Smiles specializes in both family and cosmetic dentistry, and has garnered some of the most amazing patient reviews we’ve seen anywhere. “Extremely gentle.” “A beautiful office.” “Warm and welcoming.” These are real reviews, y’all. For a dentist. The person responsible for that beloved Bella Smiles experience is Dr. India Gibson, DDS, the practice’s Louisiana-born, Nashville-trained founder, whose community-focused work with the National Health Service Corps. and the organization Reach Out Healthcare America sets her apart from other Houston dentists. Know what else sets Dr. Gibson apart?

Bride Smiling Perfect Teeth Bella Smiles Houston
Photo: Courtesy of Bella Smiles

Her amazing warmth, gentleness and skill. Schedule a consultation with Bella Smiles for a “Bella Smile Makeover,” where you’ll meet with Dr. Gibson, discuss your dental issues, from discoloration to chips to crooked teeth, and come up with a plan to get your smile exactly where you want it to be in time for your big day, and beyond. Think about it: There is no time like right now to fix all the things, big and small, you dislike about your smile. And there’s no better place than Bella Smiles to get started on the path to a smile that makes you, well…smile, every single time you look in the mirror, or see yourself in photos. It can happen. It should happen. You deserve it. Happy beautifying, loves!

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