Wedding Planning Stressing You Out? Try a Modern Honeymoon

Let’s be honest, Houston bride: You’ve never needed a vacation as badly as you do in the midst of juggling those 7 million little details you diplomatically call planning your wedding. Luckily, you’ve got your honeymoon to look forward to, right? Ugh, if only you have to plan that, too …

Well, now, you can cross all of those honeymoon planning details off your to-do list. Instead, just pick up the phone and call Houston’s own Modern Honeymoons or visit their  website. This totally free service will do all of the legwork of planning your romantic getaway—and save you some serious money.

All you have to do is tell them about you and your fiancé’s honeymoon style and budget. Want to take a cruise around the world? Soak up the sun and drink piña coladas at an all-inclusive resort in Mexico? Pose in front of ancient monuments as you backpack across Europe and stay at cozy bed and breakfasts? You name it, Modern Honeymoons has you covered.

By milking its relationships with some of the world’s best resorts, boutique hotels and travel wholesalers, Modern Honeymoons—a division of Travel with Tim—scores newlyweds-to-be the best deals on airfare, rental cars, hotels, cruises. Their specialty? All-inclusive-stay packages, which means you and your guy can forget about money and planning meals and activities (finally!) and just relax and soak up your first days of marital bliss. And don’t worry about your budget—no matter how much you can afford to spend, Modern Honeymoons can put together a romantic honeymoon package that fits the bill.

That’s not the only reason to love this sweet honeymoon planning service: Modern Honeymoons can even set up a honeymoon registry. That’s right, Houston bride, you can give your wedding guests the option of helping to foot the bill for a honeymoon you’re sure to always remember (rather than a dozen settings of fine China you probably won’t use). And you can give yourself an even fancier post-wedding vacay than you’d planned.

So what are you waiting for? Your to-do list called, and it wants “plan honeymoon” crossed off—like now.

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