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The Best (or Worst??) of New Wedding TV Shows: What Do YOU Think?

That’s it. It’s official. Weddings have overtaken cooking, fashion-design, makeovers (personal and residential) and insanely procreative families as the go-to obsession of reality TV. And we’re (mostly) loving it. Shows like “Say Yes to the Dress,” “Platinum Weddings” and “Whose Wedding is it Anyway?” have provided us with endless inspiration, tons of laughter, a few tears, and a reassuring sense that we’re not the only ones fretting over “crumb-catcher–yay or nay?” or whether to match our napkin rings to our table numbers.

So we should be THRILLED that there’s a whole new crop of wedding TV shows hitting (or soon to hit) the airwaves, right? But we just can’t shake the feeling that in an effort to vie for viewers in an increasingly crowded wedding-TV landscape, the new shows have wandered a little too far “outside the aisle” as it were.

We want to know what YOU think. We’ve pulled previews and clips from the best (or worst??) of the bunch. Love ’em? Hate ’em? Love to hate ’em? Hate yourself for loving ’em? Drop your comments here and tell us what you think!

Vh1’s answer to the new wedding reality, is “My Big Friggin’ Wedding.” We’re calling it “Jersey Shore” meets “Bridezillas” meets “Whose Wedding is it Anyway?” And we can’t turn away. Like watching a car wreck. What are YOU calling it?

On The CW, you can look forward to “Shedding for the Wedding,” where 10 overweight couples will compete, “The Biggest Loser”-style, to drop pre-wedding pounds and win wedding-theme prizes (rings, cakes, etc.). Did we mention they all have to live together? At least nobody’s getting drunk or screaming about prenups. We hope.

Remember, we want to hear from you. Post your comments here!

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