$300 Make-Up Artist Project GIVEAWAY

$300 Make-Up Artist Project GIVEAWAY

Photo: The Make-Up Artist Project

What if you woke up tomorrow to discover $300 worth of the world’s most prized professional cosmetics waiting for you to dig in…and doll up?? That’s exactly what will happen for ONE lucky Houston bride-to-be, on the morning after next week’s incredible, ultra-luxe I Do! Wedding Soiree at The Corinthian.

How’s that? Well…one bride who purchases her tickets from now through midnight tomorrow to Houston’s signature wedding fantasyscape & VIP cocktail party—coming to The Corinthian on Thurs., Feb. 4 @ 6 p.m—will SCORE a hand-picked selection of the best professional makeup products of 2016, courtesy of The Make-Up Artist Project, Houston’s top resource for pro makeup artists!!

Contouring, highlighting, brows, lashes, drama, transformation—the MUA Project’s experts are the best in the business, and they’ve hand-selected a BUNCH of their absolute favorite cosmetics and tools, just for us…well, just for YOU, Houston bride.


  • Purchase your I Do! Wedding Soiree pre-sale tickets between NOW and 11:59 p.m. Friday, Jan. 29.
  • Register with Weddings in Houston to receive VIP event invitations, special vendor offers and entry for exclusive bridal, wedding and travel giveaways.

Speaking of which…when you purchase your tickets and enter to win our MUA Project Giveaway, you ALSO will automatically be entered to win our 5-Night Island Getaway at Bermuda’s most beautiful honeymoon resort, Pompano Beach Club.

We’ll notify our winners of each giveaway prior to the I Do! Wedding Soiree, and announce winners live, at our fabulous event.

Do NOT miss this opportunity, darlings. Get in it to win it…and get yourself, your boo, and your entourage to the I Do! Wedding Soiree at The Corinthian, next Thursday evening. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced!!

Bridal Beauty: Golden Goddess

Too hot out for tanning? Um, YEAH. Also: You want to protect your bridal skin from harmful UV rays, ESPECIALLY now, in the days leading up to your wedding. Our solution? These fantastic, sun-free, heat-free products for cheek, eye and lip, whether you’re after deep, dark color or just a hint of golden shimmer. You glow, girl.

Bridal Beauty: Golden Goddess

1. Rouge Bunny Rouge Lip Potion in Devilish Nectar: Rouge Bunny Rouge 2. Lorac Tantalizer Body Bronzing Luminizer: Lorac Cosmetics 3. Jane Iredale Eye Shadow in Daytime: Jane Iredale 4. Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer: Too Faced 5. Physician’s Formula Bronze Booster Pressed Shimmer Bronzer: Physician’s Formula 6. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Copper Diamond: Barneys

Get Picture Perfect Makeup With Skindinavia


Get Picture Perfect Makeup With Skindinavia Living in Houston, we know that humidity is a big deal and no one wants that hot Texas sun melting our makeup away! Skindinavia’s makeup finishing spray will keep you looking flawless on your big day. The ultra-fine mist is designed to resist moisture, and prevent fading.  You can kiss and cry the day away knowing your makeup will look perfect every minute. This fabulous product can be found in the latest I Do! Bridal Soiree swag bag…and at Skindinavia, natch : )

A Rosy Flush That Lasts and Lasts, from The Balm by Instain

Instain by the Balm made it to our beauty must-haves list because it’s uhh-mazing! This superb staining powder blush is the perfect way to give your cheeks a long-lasting flush of color with a beautiful matte finish. With six shades, suited for all seasons and skin tones, it infuses your cheeks radiant, rosy color that lasts through all-day celebrations, photo shoots, romantic getaways…even action-packed days at the office. Instain comes in the cutest freaking packaging and is the perfect size to throw in your clutch or ideal for traveling (which is why WE threw it in our I Do! Bridal Soiree swag bags)!

Guest Post: Bridal Beauty Secrets from Christen Hobbs of Makeup Texas

Bridal Beauty Secrets from Christen Hobbs of Makeup Texas Bridal Beauty Secrets from Christen Hobbs of Makeup Texas
Photos (From Top to Bottom, Left to Right) : Courtesy Grant Photography ~ Courtesy Ashley K Photography ~ Courtesy Grant Photography

Texas brides are SERIOUS about looking spotlight ready on their wedding day. Which is why so many of them flock to Houston’s Makeup Texas for their bridal beauty regimen. Remember last week’s featured bride Meredith—the gorgeous blonde with the white horse? Yup, that understated-glam look was a signature of makeup artist Christen Hobbs and her in-demand hair-and-makeup studio, which is known for amazing airbrush makeup artistry and warm, attentive service. Beautiful, right? We’re huge fans of Christen’s work here at HWB, so naturally we were thrilled when we proposed to her (you know, that she drop in and share her bridal beauty secrets), and she accepted.

Bridal beauty begins with good skin. “The key to a flawless wedding-day complexion lies in your diet, exercise and skincare regimen. This is not a well-kept secret, but somehow we always fail to follow through with these four simple rules:

1. Get plenty of rest. A well-rested bride lacks bags under the eyes and has a radiant glow.
2. Drink plenty of water. Rinse out those bad toxins from your body with good H2O.
3. Cleanse and moisturize your face every morning and night.
4. Exfoliate once a week. This helps remove dead skin cells and leave your skin looking fresh.

If your eyes are rolling as you read this, have no fear. For every bride that has seven million things to do the night before her wedding and has to drink Champagne for all those rehearsal toasts instead of water, airbrush is your best friend. Airbrush makeup is applied with a compressor that sprays thousands of tiny makeup pixels onto your skin, to give you a glowing, flawless look without the heavy makeup feel. Unlike traditional makeup it doesn’t sit on top of your skin in a creamy consistency, but appears to come from within.”

Natural doesn’t mean nude. “When your photographer takes your pictures on your wedding day, a good portion of your makeup will disappear with the flash and lighting equipment. A photograph is a two-dimensional art piece and it is our job, as your makeup artist, to create shadows and dimensions with contour, so that you appear as three-dimensional as possible. We always tell our ‘au naturel’ brides to be prepared to wear a little more makeup than usual. Don’t compare your everyday makeup to your wedding-day makeup. You are in the most glamorous dress of your life and your makeup should reflect that beauty. We still want you to feel like yourself, just more glamorous.”

A lush lash is a glamour-girl’s best friend. “For our extra-glamorous ladies, we always recommend false lashes. They are the best invention since the push-up bra! They give your makeup that last touch of drama. For each client, we measure their eye width and match their eye shape with the perfect lash size, for the most comfortable fit and posh look.”

Don’t forget your touch-up kit. “Lip gloss or lipstick is essential to have in your wedding handbag. After a good smooch at the altar, every girl needs a quick retouch on her lips. For our extra-glowing brides, a couple of tissues to blot excess oils from the skin are also a must. There are a lot of blotting pads that are on the market these days for similar purposes, but some can have a negative reaction with your makeup composition. Tissues are always a safer bet, and they’re versatile. They can also be used for catching those happy tears!”

Lastly, Christen reminds brides to preview their bridal makeup in natural light, which makes it much easier to see tiny details, “and harder for shadows to conceal imperfections!” And don’t forget to have your photographer or a friend snap a few pix: “A good makeup artist knows that after a wedding the most important piece of evidence a bride has of her beautiful day are her pictures, so applying makeup that is picture-perfect is the way to go.”

To schedule a Makeup Texas consultation, call Christen at 281.394.2922 or e-mail!