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Not Quite Ready for Your Bridal Close-Up? Occasions Spa Can Help!

Maxwellodrplummer There are basically two kinds of pre-wedding beauty prep: the totally unglamorous kind that requires sweating and pain and feels like a chore…and the relaxing, intimate, even decadent kind—the Occasions Spa kind, in other words.

Occasions Spa, in case you didn’t know, is Maxwello Dental Spa & Wellness’s spa-within-a-spa. To create a customized Occasions package that she can enjoy with her bridesmaids or dearest friends, a bride simply selects four menu options—choices include, but are not limited to, massage, reflexology, facials, teeth whitening, Botox and Juvederm—and adds to these her choice of beverage and dessert. On the scheduled spa day, the gals gather at Maxwello’s luxurious, private 2,100-square-foot Houston facility, and get primped and pampered to the max. MaxwelloTeeth We love our spa days like any Houston girl, but we were also wondering if there was anything really new and fabulous to help get our dull smile in shape for wedding day pix. So, of course we asked Dr. Letitia Plummer, DDS—the talent behind Maxwello and Occasions. She told us about something called Snap-On-Smile, which she describes as “a comfortable, removable dental appliance offering an affordable approach to restorative and cosmetic dentistry.” Could it be? Is it possible? An instant straight, white smile at a fraction of the cost of veneers?? Um, basically, yeah. Dr. Plummer explained that brides, grooms, MOHs, MOBs, FOGs and basically anyone who wants to look their best “can wear this appliance all day every day, and they can even eat with them.” Which is cool, because as much as we like to look good, we love our wedding cake!

Dr. Plummer recommends scheduling your Occasions Spa appointment for at least 10 days before your wedding if you plan to have any cosmetic procedures like Botox or teeth whitening.

And she offers this great advice to Houston brides: “This time can be very stressful, so the more you plan and evaluate options, the smoother everything unfolds.” Dr. Plummer says her goal is to give the bride an occasion to be with “her dearest friends and family, to become transformed in a relaxing spa atmosphere—to brighten your smile, relax your body and enhance your natural beauty.” Well, what a coincidence—that’s our goal here at the HWB, too!http://www.weddingsinhouston.com/Professionals/bridal_beauty_health_fitness/occasions_spa_by_maxwello.aspx

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