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New Year’s Wedding Resolutions

New Year’s Wedding Resolutions

Here we go again! Another New Year, another chance for a fresh start. While you’re thinking about this year’s resolutions, Houston bride, here are our suggestions for wedding (planning) vows you’ll definitely want to keep:

I resolve to get organized. If you have been putting off getting all your ducks in a row for your 2010 wedding—whether because you’ve been too busy, or simply become mired in an overabundance of choices—now is the time to buckle down. Create that wedding web site; make a wedding binder that contains your wedding planning checklist, inspiration images, vendor information, contracts, etc.; hire a coordinator,  if you haven’t already; ditto booking your wedding site.

I resolve to get in shape. It’s a common New Year’s resolution—and one that many resolvers tend to forget about after a month or two. But not you, Houston bride. This year, you’re going to find a fitness routine that works for you and stick to it. You’re going to walk instead of driving, take the stairs instead of the elevator, take money out of your budget for a personal trainer, take up yoga, maybe even take on the Marathon Oil Tower. You’re going to get fit, have fun doing it, and look absolutely spectacular in your wedding gown. No excuses.

I resolve to take good care of myself. While you’re working out, slimming down and buffing up, don’t forget that a beautiful bride is a healthy bride—in body, mind and spirit. Along with that weekly exercise regimen, you want to make sure you are getting the right nutrition, and nourishing yourself with periodic massages, facials, spa treatments, acupuncture—whatever it is that works best to reduce your stress level, raise your energy and sustain you through the demanding and exhilarating process of planning your perfect wedding.

I resolve NOT to go over budget. Sure, spring peonies would look divine at your December wedding. And wouldn’t it fabulous to have foie gras and French champagne for your cocktail reception? As for those custom crystal-encrusted tablecloths/hand-lettered invitations/Louboutin pumps—aren’t you worth them? Of course you are. But if you keep spending a few more bucks here and a few (hundred) more bucks there, just to make sure you have the latest, greatest, most luxurious, designer-est EVERYTHING for your wedding, or jumping at every little lovely that’s waved in front of your face, you’re soon going to find yourself (or your parents, as the case may be) stretched thin financially, or, at the very worst, driven into deep debt. So indulge, pamper, honor the magnitude of the day, even live out your fantasies—but do so within your means, so that happily ever after is within your reach.

I resolve to be a good bride-to-be. We’ve all encountered at least one sweet, kind, easygoing, reasonable girl who is transformed, Hulk-like, into a demanding, temperamental, impatient, totally unreasonable beast by the process of planning her wedding. Please, please promise, right here and now, Houston bride, to avoid this fate in 2010. Be thoughtful and generous with your bridesmaids, patient and empathetic with your parents (and your groom’s), reasonable with your vendors, and, most importantly, understanding with your fiancé—after all, he’s your partner not just in the journey toward marriage, but for life. Show him the woman you are, and the wife you will be: kind, strong, fair, wise and always, always full of love.

Happy New Year, Houston bride.

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2 thoughts on “New Year’s Wedding Resolutions

  1. “We’ve all encountered at least one sweet, kind, easygoing, reasonable girl who is transformed, Hulk-like, into a demanding, temperamental, impatient, totally unreasonable beast by the process of planning her wedding.”

    Yeah and we all have encountered bloggers complaining about how unreasonable some brides can be *just* because they don’t understand that it is their day and their money and therefore there is only one way to do it, the bride’s way, not the vendor’s.

    No customer would take this kind of bs other than meek brides afraid of sounding too assertive. Their are groomed for this role, and it’s nothing to strive to accomplish (feminist anyone?).

    I always tell my brides “there only are two things that are impossible, defying the laws of gravity and surviving death. So, unless you want to do one of these things for your wedding, everything can be accomplish, it’s all a matter of willpower – on the vendor’s side – and price – on the client’s!”

  2. Thanks for your comment, Rosanna! Rather than “complaining” about unreasonable brides, this message from one group of brides (because we often blog collectively here at WIH) to another is simply meant as a reminder to check yourself if you feel you’re getting a little out of control (spending too much, demanding too much of friends and family, becoming frustrated or impatient when it’s not really worth it)–something most of us have done at some point in the planning process. Rather than disparaging brides as “meek” and unable to “understand,” we regard them as strong, smart, beautiful, fallible, forgivable human beings. And we love them for that!
    Thanks again, Rosanna, and feel free to comment anytime.
    Houston Wedding Blogger(s)

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