Light Fantastic: The ABCs of LEDs

Photo by D. Jones
Photo by D. Jones

Let’s take a little break from flowers and frills and finery to get technical for a moment, shall we? Along with all that lovely stuff, good lighting will go a long way toward transforming your reception space and creating ambiance at your wedding, Houston bride.

One of the most exciting technologies in wedding lighting is the LED, or light-emitting diode. LED lighting can wash a room in color, highlight key reception spots (like cake tables and lounge areas), and create fabulous effects. But, says Frank Tritico of Houston’s Bright Star Productions, “Unless a client knows there is a difference in LED lights, they could get duped and ultimately be disappointed by either a well-intentioned decorator or florist, or a less reputable lighting company.”

So what do Houston brides need to know about LEDs? “Remember your color wheel in 5th grade art? It showed that we could make a whole range of new colors by mixing red, green and blue. This is what an LED does to make many hundreds of colors,” Tritico explains. But he adds that while LED lights are incredibly versatile, “They’re still a new technology and evolving.”

Tritico points out that older LEDs and less professional equipment aren’t able to produce amber or white light. That means they can’t create many of our most coveted wedding colors, like lavender, peach, Tiffany blue and cranberry.

Also, if a wall is being lit by an LED and a halo of red, green and blue light is visible, “This is an indication that the LED doesn’t have the ability to be lensed correctly and therefore can’t disburse the light evenly,” the lighting pro warns. “It might look great on the ceiling, but be an embarrassment on the walls where it counts.” Yikes!

Tritico advises brides who are interested in LED lighting to ask their lighting and sound company—along with Bright Star, Pro Sound and Tech Ave are among Houston’s best—for a demonstration. “A client will see the difference instantly,” he says.
Thanks, Frank, for lighting the way!

Photo: D. Jones
Photo: D. Jones
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  3. Natasha~

    Thank you~! Next week we’re presenting a seminar on LED lighting for a group of prominent Wedding and Event Coordinators. They read your article and realized that to stay on top of this lighting style they needed to know a little more. It was your Blog that drew their attention.

  4. Great pictures of LED’s and texture lighting. It doesn’t get much better than what you have posted. Lighting is definitely one of the most cost effective ways to decorate for a wedding.

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