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HWB/Facebook Giveaway: “Beautiful Bride from Every Angle” BOOK

Beautiful Bride from Every Angle ~ Houston Wedding Blog

We’re thrilled to feature famed bridal expert Barbara Wallace’s input in Weddings in Houston magazine, with an excerpt from her book (with co-author Annie Withers and photographer Lars Wanberg), “Beautiful Bride from Every Angle.” And we’re even more thrilled to have three, count ’em, THREE copies of this utterly gorgeous hard-bound, photo-rich, wisdom-filled volume to give away to our readers! How to choose a dress, how to accentuate your best features with bridal makeup, how to find the perfect hairstyle, how to be a gracious bride, how to thank your friends and family, how to seek serenity in the storm of wedding-planning stress–this book truly does cover bridal beauty in all its internal and external forms. Whether you want a copy for yourself, or as a gift for a beloved bride-to-be, here’s your chance to score one!

HOW TO WIN: First, if you haven’t already, “Like” Weddings in Houston on Facebook…and we’ll immediately love you right on back. Second, drop your comment here letting us know what (or who) makes you feel beautiful (your favorite pair of heels, that perfect red lipstick, getting your hair cut, winning a marathon, trying on your wedding dress, that look in your fiances eyes…). We’ll announce three winning Facebook fans on FB on Friday! Yay!

Beautiful Bride from Every Angle ~ Houston Wedding Blog

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7 thoughts on “HWB/Facebook Giveaway: “Beautiful Bride from Every Angle” BOOK

  1. I feel the most beautiful when I’m getting ready for date night w my hubby-to-be in a LBD. It still gets him everytime 🙂

  2. As cheesy as it sounds, my fiancé makes me feel beautiful… inside and out. (That’s probably one of the reasons I’m marrying him!)

  3. Of course, my fiance makes me feel beautiful, but besides that probably doing photoshoots. Dressing up and having people fawn over you for a while is always good for the self esteem lol.

  4. As women, we all have our moments where we just don’t feel pretty, let alone beautiful, no matter how much self esteem we have or how confident we are. I wanted to share a few things that make me feel beautiful, no matter how bad I feel, immediately, everytime. My fiancee melts my heart, makes me feel incredibly blessed, and beautiful when he takes a moment, really looks at me, smiles, and says, “Do you know how lucky I am? I hope you feel as happy and loved as you make me feel everyday.” Whenever our son (his from previous marriage) calls me “Mama”. When our daughter and I have “girl’s world days” she makes me feel like the most “absolooly beautiful”, fun, lucky, and “cool” Mommy in the world. We have had more than our fair share of challenges, heartaches, and struggles as a family. Whenever something happens, we only grow stronger and closer together. To put it in one sentence: My fiancee and childelren’s unconditional love for me makes me feel not only beautiful, but strong, extremely loved, and incredibly blessed.

  5. I’ve slowly been getting my bridal items by mail, and as each one comes in (my beaded belt, veil, dress, shoes, jewelry, etc.) I can start to picture what I will look like on my wedding day. Each piece too so much time to decide on and I can’t help but but be ridiculously excited and feel beautiful, knowing how much work and effort was put into it all. I also can’t help but feel beautiful every time my amazing fiance looks at me and holds me tight.

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