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Honeymoon Idea: A European Tour That Lets You Sleep In!

The Champ de Mars & The Eiffel Tower

So you’re thinking about Europe for your honeymoon, but are wondering, “Should we go it alone? Isn’t it better to do a tour? But what about all those early-morning sightseeing departures? We want to sleep in, lounge around in bed with croissants and café au lait, canoodle a little—this is our honeymoon, after all!”
The Colloseum

We feel you. And so does Richard Price. “Who’s that,” you ask? Why, he’s the founder of Executive Tours International, and the mind behind Crack of Noon Tours, which give travelers an opportunity to enjoy BOTH leisurely mornings AND amazing tours of France and/or Italy, with a focus on fine food and wine.

The Town of Gordes

The Crack of Noon France tour, Sept. 22-Oct. 3, includes stops in Paris, Aix-en-Provence and the legendary French Riviera, with plenty of lavish meals (wine is included in the tour price!), romantic walks and classic photo ops.  The Crack of Noon Italy tour, Oct. 6-Oct. 18, visits Rome, Florence, Venice and more, and includes extraordinary dinners, outdoor picnics, stops at local wine shops and a visit to a Modena maker of prized balsamic vinegar. While breakfast is included in both tours, scheduled activities don’t begin before “the civilized hour of noon,” and tend to concentrate enjoyment in the afternoon, evening and night.

Venice gondolas

Here’s an idea: Link both tours, or select one as part of a honeymoon that perhaps includes a longer stay in Paris (the start point of the France tour) or in Venice (the end point of the Italy tour). Either way, you’ll get to indulge in the best of Western Europe–when you’re good and ready, that is.

Registration deadline for both tours is June 30, so if you’re into it, get on it now!

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