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Wondering if there’s an art to home buying for married couples? Whether you’re combining, upgrading or starting fresh, Houston is a prime spot FOR newlywed living. Inside the loop is where it’s at for Houston newlyweds on the hunt for a newlywed nest that’s equal parts convenience and…cool. Expert Sarai Rumph of Rumph Realty dishes on what neighborhoods are in highest demand, why young couples love these spots, and how you’ll need to prep for your own newlywed home purchase.


While the entire inner loop area beckons newlyweds with a vast array of home options, Rumph says three neighborhoods are in highest demand: the Heights, Montrose and Midtown. “Newlyweds want to be close to where all the action is, and these neighborhoods have it all,” Rumph notes. “You can walk to restaurants, events and activities, and you can take Uber out on the weekends if you don’t want to drive—it’s not pricey at all.”

In addition to being close to all the action, these neighborhoods are close to the downtown Houston offices where many recently wed young professionals work. “Being able to avoid a major commute is a huge plus,” Rumph says, noting that staying out of Houston’s notorious traffic means less stress, and more time to play.

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You’ll find smaller homes, historic bungalows and fixer-uppers all over the Heights and Montrose neighborhoods. These options are ideal for the couple that wants to invest in value-holding property at a lower price, and dive into a hands-on project together. But Rumph says the majority of her young-couple clients are choosing modern townhomes, which are plentiful all over the inner loop.

“Townhomes are very popular,” she says. “You don’t have to really worry about anything, and they’ve got lots of amenities, like rooftop decks.” And while some couples aren’t crazy about the stacked, multi-level layout of some townhomes, others are making the most out of it by renting out the lower level to generate income as they establish themselves in their careers and build their financial foundation.

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Want to buy a new home together? Be ready to pull the trigger when you find the home you love. “You need to get pre-approved for your loan, before you even consider seeing houses,” Rumph says. Pre-approval doesn’t take long if you have your paperwork together, and it will help ensure that you’re ready to make an offer the moment you find what you’ve been looking for.

And while buying a new home is exciting, “It’s a big decision, and it can be stressful,” she acknowledges. “But the stressful part really doesn’t last long, and it’s so worth it.” For motivated buyers, the average duration from loan pre-approval to closing is about two to three months, Rumph says. Then, she says, “You get to build memories as a family, in your new home, together.”

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