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Nominate Houston Wedding Blog @’s Wedding Blog Awards!

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

If you’re reading this post, you’re familiar with the Houston Wedding Blog. And if you’re familiar with the HWB, then you know that we are one of the best wedding blogs around. And if you know that we’re such a fabulous wedding blog, don’t you want the world to know that you know so that they know too?

Nominate us for’s Wedding Blog Awards and at least a good chunk of the world WILL. Judges include celebrity lifestyle guru Colin Cowie and renowned wedding planner and “eventiste” Marcy Blum (who just happens to be profiled in the July issue of Weddings in Houston, on newsstands now!), so the stakes are pretty high. But we’ve got confidence that our signature Houston blend of tradition, cosmopolitan sophistication, international flair and down-home hospitality is a winner in the making.

To nominate the Houston Wedding Blog, just choose a category (we suggest Best Local Area Blog or Best Magazine or Wedding Website Blog), take 5.2 seconds to fill out the nomination form, hit submit, and help HWB achieve worldwide (web) fame!

Nominations close July 22, so vote now, and please, please, please spread the word (linking to this post via Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc., is a great way to tell your friends)!

Wedding Day Survival Kits for Everyone!

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010


It’s been ages since we talked about the essential bridal survival kit, hasn’t it? Well, we’re delighted to inform you that we’ve just come across a product that makes making it through your wedding day unscathed just a little bit easier.

Family operation Ms. & Mrs.–mom Georgette Kaplan (Mrs.) and daughters Stephanie and Jamie Kaplan (Ms. & Ms.) launched the biz with the Working Girl Survival Kit, and quickly branched out—offers pre-packaged survival kits for just about everyone involved in your wedding.


For you, Ms. Bride (soon to be Mrs. Wife), there’s the Wedding Day Survival Kit. Packed inside a sleek train case decorated with a white satin ribbon and novelty “diamond” ring (aww…), you’ll find the works in wedding-day beauty, hygiene and apparel maintenance. Items include toothbrush and toothpaste, clear nail polish and nail polish remover, super glue, earring backs, bobby pins and tons more.

Your groom’s gonna love the Groom’s Survival Kit, complete with mints, deodorant, razor and shaving cream, lint remover, boutonniere pins and oodles more vital wedding-day survival items he probably has no idea he might require.
New in the Ms. & Mrs. Lineup is the Aisle Survival Collection. These adorable, affordable, pre-packaged mini-kits are practical AND perfect for gifting. There’s one for brides, one for bridesmaids, and sweet little versions for MOBs and MOGs. Each kit comes with such wedding-day staples as emery boards, blotting tissues, pain reliever, waterproof mascara, safety pins and breath freshener.

We heart these handy kits like nobody’s business! But we also want to remind you that if you do opt for a pre-packed kit, you’ll want to make sure to add non-standard items like your specific wedding-day makeup, and contact information for your coordinator and vendors (especially taxi and transportation services). And maybe, depending on the season, a pop-up wedding tent, a pre-fab hurricane shelter and a couple hundred umbrellas. Welcome to Houston!

Modern Bride and Elegant Bride May Be Gone—But We’ve Got You Covered, Houston Bride

Monday, October 12th, 2009

If you’re used to loading up on the latest bridal mags, Houston bride, your load just got a little lighter. That’s right, last week brought the news that publisher Condé Nast will cease publication of Modern Bride and its sister magazine Elegant Bride.

We’ll miss the two mags’ timely features on fashion, reception décor, floral design, planning and more. But we at the
Houston Wedding Blog and Weddings in Houston magazine plan to work that much harder on seeking out the latest discoveries, tracking the most popular trends and bringing you the absolute best in EVERYTHING wedding from Houston and beyond.

New to the blog? Check out some of our most popular recent posts, like these great items on
Indian weddings, or this roundup of our favorite head-to-toe beauty finds. Searching for the perfect wedding shoes? Have a look at either these or these lovelies! Plus we’ve got handy tips on how to handle
kids at your wedding, figuring out whom and how much to tip, when and where to get a wedding license in Houston, and much, much more.

For those of you who love the heft and high-gloss inspiration of an honest-to-goodness print magazine (and what bride doesn’t?), the new issue of Weddings in Houston hits newsstands in January. Look for all your favorite departments and features, incredible photo spreads featuring the latest in gowns, cakes, floral and more, plus the most comprehensive guide to Houston’s ceremony and reception facilities (including information on size and capacity, rental fees and available services).

Still missing something? Tell us! If there’s a topic you want to see covered by the Houston Wedding Blog or Weddings in Houston magazine, email blog@weddingsinhouston and let us know. Be our most valuable resource for feedback and suggestions, and we’ll be your most valuable resource for wedding-planning advice and inspiration. Promise!

Signature Cocktails By Color

Monday, September 21st, 2009

A couple of weeks ago, the Wedding Buzz, our must-have weekly e-newsletter, featured a recipe for a fabulous, bright red Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail. Well, seeing as how you brides went ga-ga for this refreshing “ruby sipper,” we thought we’d offer up some more fun ideas for yummy cocktails that can be color-coordinated with your reception palette.

Matching a signature cocktail to your wedding reception color scheme isn’t just a cool design touch, it’s also a smart choice for brides on a budget. At your cocktail reception, instead of offering a full premium bar (at a premium price to you—or whoever is footing your wedding bill), have waiters tray-pass one of these eye-catching drink choices, or a custom-designed, color-matched mix of your own invention. Give your signature cocktail a cute name—the “Mike and Lisa Love-tini” or the “Together Forever,” for instance—and dress up trays with hand-lettered signs letting guests know what they’re sipping.

Photo Courtesy of White on Rice Couple

Photo Courtesy of White on Rice Couple

Green Scene
We love the tropical look of the Green Flash Cocktail, which we found on this happy couple’s great blog, along with the recipe. Concocted by a bartender at Club Med Columbus Isle in the Bahamas, the drink gets its pretty green color and sweet-citrusy flavor from a combo of Blue Curacao, Peach Schnapps and orange juice.

Photo Courtesy of Blue Cocktails Blog

Photo Courtesy of Blue Cocktails Blog

True Blue
For a veritable library of blue-hued libations, you can’t do much better than the Blue Cocktails blog. Our favorite? The Blue Sapphire Martini, a tart, stylish blend of Bombay Sapphire, Cointreau, Blue Curacao and sour mix.

Photo Courtesy of Deep Glamour Blog

Photo Courtesy of Deep Glamour Blog

Purple Passion
We couldn’t believe our luck when we stumbled upon the oh-so-sophisticated Deep Glamour Cosmotini at the blog for which this jewel-toned gem of a cocktail is named. Check out the recipe, which includes purple-dyed tapioca pearls—a fabulous look for a wedding with a high-style, lounge-y vibe.

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of

Well Red
More and more wedding palettes seem to feature the color red, whether it’s teamed with celadon or violet, tangerine or watermelon, black-and-white or gold. This lovely Valentine’s-Day-inspired fizzy cocktail from Laylita makes a gorgeous day or evening reception drink, and those blood orange garnishes? Perfection!

Luscious Lashes: Latisse v. RevitaLash

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Dramatic, beautiful eyes make for dramatic, beautiful wedding photos. And nothing makes for wow-worthy eyes like an enviable fringe of lashes. So just how do you get these aforementioned picture-perfect peepers, Houston bride? Your best bet is to enlist the expert assistance of a professional makeup artist. A talented makeup pro will know how to enhance your natural assets to best effect so that your bridal eyes look as gorgeous in person as they do in photos—with nary a mascara-streak in sight!

That’s the artist part of the picture. Here’s a tip on the canvas: To give your chosen makeup pro the best possible material to work with, you may want to consider revving up your lashes beforehand.



By now you’ve probably encountered Latisse. Print ads for this FDA-approved “treatment” for hypotrichosis (a medical term for the, um, condition, of “inadequate” eyelashes) feature the lovely Brooke Shields lowering her long-lashed lids and singing the praises of this prescription-only solution. We’re not sure how Brooke’s lashes looked pre-Latisse, but we’ve gotta say, they sure do look full, feathery and pretty darn fabulous in those pix.

If you choose to fill out your sparse lashes with Latisse, you’ll need to start four months pre-wedding, and apply the solution every night, as directed, to get the full results in time for your big day. Of course, as with any medical treatment, there are a few potential side effects: These may include red or itchy eyes, possible eyelid-skin darkening and—gulp!—hair growth occurring in spots where Latisse comes in repeated contact with skin surface (steady hand, Houston bride, steady hand).

All that said, Web chatter among eye docs and Latisse users alike, and Latisse’s own before-and-after clinical trial gallery, seem to indicate that the stuff does work to boost lash growth.



Looking for a little lash oomph, but not quite ready to go the medical route? RevitaLash may be the beauty secret you seek. This eyelash “conditioner,” developed by an ophthalmologist as a gift for his wife, who had lost eyelashes as a side effect of breast-cancer chemotherapy, purports to thicken existing eyelashes while “encouraging” new eyelash growth. Like Latisse, RevitaLash requires that you start well ahead of your wedding—three months or so—to get the best results. And like Latisse, RevitaLash has some potential side effects like eye irritation and discoloration. Users report mixed results, but those who love the stuff REALLY love it AND their newly lush lashes. Might you, too?