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T. Carolyn Fashions’ Terrie Martin on How Chinese New Year Affects MOB & MOG Dress Shopping

T. Carolyn Fashions’ Terrie Martin on How Chinese New Year Affects MOB & MOG Dress Shopping

Photo: T. Carolyn Fashions

Your Thanksgiving dinner is still digesting, Christmas and New Year’s are looming on the horizon…and you have a wedding coming up. If you’re like most mothers-of-the-bride, you’re thinking, “Just let me get through the holidays, then I’ll start looking for my dress.” It sounds reasonable enough—after all, what are mothers always busy doing besides taking care of everyone else?

The problem is that there’s another holiday looming on the horizon that could put your mother-of-the-bride (or mother-of-the-groom) dress in jeopardy. I’m referring to Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year—officially the year of the horse—begins on Jan. 31 this year. I say begins, because unlike our single-day New Year’s celebration, Chinese New Year is celebrated for 15 days. Add to this the time spent making preparations for the holiday, and it can create  down-time of four to six weeks for Chinese factories, where the majority of special-occasion attire is crafted. This can easily turn a 14-week delivery into a 21-week delivery!

To put this into perspective, if you went shopping today and found a fabulous dress that you loved, and knew that it was the dress you wanted to walk down the aisle in—yes, mothers, you’re walking down the aisle, too—and the store had every size in stock but yours, you would be looking at a delivery date after Easter!

The takeaway is this: While your child’s spring or summer wedding may still seem very far away, know that by shopping now, during early December, you will have your pick of all of the best styles for those seasons. As an added bonus, you’ll really get to relax and enjoy the holidays with your family and friends knowing that your special dress is secured!

–Terrie Martin, T. Carolyn Fashions

For more expert MOB/MOG shopping advice, and to view the season’s most beautiful wedding-day and special-occasion styles, visit T. Carolyn Fashions.

T. Carolyn Fashions’ Terrie Martin on How Chinese New Year Affects MOB & MOG Dress Shopping

Photo: T. Carolyn Fashions

Guest Post: Kat Creech of Kat Creech Events Shares Her Best Wedding Guestbook Ideas

We’re delighted to welcome event planner extraordinaire Kat Creech of Kat Creech Events (you may remember her from THIS gorgeous wedding or THIS one) to the Houston Wedding Blog today, to share her tips on creating a unique, original and beautiful wedding guestbook that guests will have fun signing into at the wedding—and that you will cherish for a lifetime.

From Kat Creech:

The memories you make on your wedding day should last a lifetime. So, when we talk about ideas for wedding guestbooks with our clients, we talk about personalization and something practical that isn’t just a document of who attended your wedding—but a keepsake that can be returned to over and over again, and enjoyed over the years.

Here are some of our best tips:

Guest Post: Kat Creech of Kat Creech Events on Awesome Wedding Guestbook Ideas

Photo: Steve Lee Weddings

A thumbprint guestbook is an art piece that allows guests to use a stamp pad and leave their thumbprint with a message. Most commonly used are trees, upon which guests press their thumbprints as “leaves.” If you have talent in the family, use it, and take the idea of a thumbprint tree to truly create a masterpiece to enjoy in your home. One client’s mom, a rockstar artist, painted the landscape of a tree, while the bride cut paper leaves and lemons for guests to sign, creating a canvas wedding guestbook. The end result was pretty epic. But trees aren’t the only option. Peacock feathers, balloons—they sky is the limit. You should pick a format that blends with your personal style, not just the wedding style, as you want it to remain timeless. Think of your hobbies and life passions, and create some magic.

Guest Post: Kat Creech of Kat Creech Events on Awesome Wedding Guestbook Ideas

Photo: Raymond Gray Photography

How about having guests write a personal note on a card and placing it in an envelope as part of your wedding guestbook? Using a blend of your wedding colors and an oh-so fabulous wedding smash book, we have created a guestbook design with a little effort and a lot of personalization, not to mention a lifetime of memories. This kind of guestbook invites private, intimate messages from friends and family, and allows you to look back on you wedding day and those who celebrated with you. Awww…

Guest Post: Kat Creech of Kat Creech Events on Awesome Wedding Guestbook Ideas

Photo: Steve Lee Weddings

Planning to have a photo booth at your wedding? Not only will it provide a way for guests to cool down from all the dancing, and let their hair down after all the formalities, but photo booth photos really capture the exuberance of the wedding moment. Since most photo booths print two copies of each photo, your guests can keep one as a keepsake, and place the other in a photo guestbook, which you can customize to fit your wedding theme—thank you, Etsy!

Guest Post: Kat Creech of Kat Creech Events on Awesome Wedding Guestbook Ideas

Photo: Steve Lee Weddings

For those of you who want to really make a statement, awesome oversize whimsical white initial letters might be the thing for you. They can be decorated with loving messages from family and friends in bright colors, and become a personal touch to your wedding. Add some oversize paper flowers and your guestbook becomes an art piece in your new home. Good stuff!

Guest Post: Kat Creech of Kat Creech Events on Awesome Wedding Guestbook Ideas

Photo: Steve Lee Weddings

Got a grandma, aunt or family member who loves to quilt? Embrace the idea of having your guests sign quilt squares as your wedding guestbook. Provide fabric squares for guests to leave a little love message on. These can then be made into a guestbook quilt you can snuggle under while watching movies…perhaps even the film of your unforgettable wedding! Truth be told, I want a wedding redo so I can steal this idea.

Congratulations, and happy planning, brides!!

Guest Post: Megan Silianoff of Greetings From Texas on Her Dream (Second) Wedding

Veil Jcrew Birdcage Veil ~ “Something Blue” Purse Chanel Vintage ~ Color Palette DVF ~ Flower Girl Dress T Length Dress ~ Wedding Dress Agata Swing ~ Centerpiece BHLDN ~ Getting Ready Shirt Claridge & King ~ Shoes Joie Sandal & Victoria Secret Mid Heel, which comes in tons of different colors!

“Hi! I’m Megan from Greetings from Texas! I’m a writer/blogger living in Houston’s Medical Center. My husband, Danny, and I eloped* five years ago (come May) so we never got to have that full out, kit and caboodle of a wedding. Because Danny had been married once before and I’d been engaged, we wanted to sneak away discreetly to tie the knot as, clearly, we’d had our fill of wedding related drama. =)

Five years later, however, it’s a different story. We’re now living in the era of Pinterest! Instagram! Blogs! With their influence, along with some distance from our past relationships, I’ve got a dream wedding inside my head that’s dying to get out. This is what it will look like when it comes to full fruition.

*Note: I’m using the term “elope” loosely. We did invite our immediate families to our wedding at The Four Seasons in Austin. They were sworn to secrecy however and prohibited from telling friends or extended family members!

What My Vow Renewal Will Entail

The Dress: I eloped in a white, strapless, cocktail dress from White House Black Market. I didn’t even like it but because I didn’t want to wear a formal wedding dress, my options were slim. This was a pre-BHLDN era! This time around, part of me thinks I should don the same dress and make it more likeable with accessories; gloves, a veil, jewelry, etc. The other part of me says “ah, screw it” and just wants to buy this one.

Flower Girl & Ring Bearer: Danny and I have adopted one child and one pet since we married 5 years ago. Booker, our dog who we got from a Chicago shelter, will be our ring bearer. Chances are he’ll never make it down the aisle but we’ll roll with it. Our beautiful baby girl, Macy, came to us just four months ago through an Austin adoption agency. (More details about her adoption here on my blog.)

The Cake: Chocolate for me. Carrot for him.

The Wedding Photographer: Paige Budde of Awake Photographyshe’s a personal friend.

The Location: Something al fresco and on a ranch; perhaps Old Glory Ranch.

DIY: Last time around we DIY’ed our invitations and programs. It’d be more work this time around with a significantly larger guest list but I’m up for the challenge.

Wedding Song: Last time around there was no DJ or band – just an IPod playing music throughout dinner. We got up and danced, however, when Beyoncé’s “Irreplaceable” came on, unintentionally making it our wedding song. This time around we’ll dance to even more Beyoncé songs, in addition to tunes by her hubby!

And that y’all, concludes what I’m envisioning. Now on to the execution!=)

*To see more pictures from my wedding at the Four Seasons, check out my Greetings From Texas Facebook page. And while you’re at it, hop on over to my blog, Greetings from Texas!! See you there!”

Allyson Fulcher of Mimosas in the Morning Mixes Bubbly Wedding Cocktails

Mimosas in the Morning’s Allyson Fulcher Mixes Bubbly Wedding Cocktails

“I’m so excited to be guest posting on the Houston Wedding Blog today. As a twentysomething, I have been to my fair share of weddings, and I think we can all agree that a bridal bash is never complete without the perfect cocktail. My ideal version is light and sweet and topped with a little bubbly—like either of these two great go-to recipes for celebration sips. The Citrus Fusion is a great mixture of orange, lemon and strawberry—definitely a tastebud showstopper. The Pink Bliss is a more refined and light cocktail—perfectly paired with hors d’ouevre and not too loud for your palate. Both are fabulous options, it just depends on what you are looking for.

Mimosas in the Morning’s Allyson Fulcher Mixes Bubbly Wedding Cocktails

If you can’t decide which one, they are made from the same main ingredients, so offering both is an easy and affordable option.

Mimosas in the Morning’s Allyson Fulcher Mixes Bubbly Wedding Cocktails

If you are worried about the cocktails warming, frozen fruit is a great option instead of ice cubes. I prefer fresh fruit that you can cut the night before and freeze in bags.

Mimosas in the Morning’s Allyson Fulcher Mixes Bubbly Wedding Cocktails

To spice up your bar (or any party for that matter) I love to browse Etsy. Handmade items are so special and incredibly affordable. The “cocktails here” sign (above) can be found here as well as the striped straws also pictured, here . To match you could hang this garland, use these cocktail napkins, and even grab a special monogrammed treat for the bride.

For more inspiration and recipes like this, please check out my blog Mimosas in the Morning.”

We second that, Ms. Allyson…and cheers, y’all!

Photos: Courtesy of Mimosas in the Morning

Fashion and a Fellow’s Rebekah Gullo Dresses You in Style for Pre-Wedding Parties!

We are positively giddy with delight to have the superbly stylish Rebekah Gullo of fave Houston style blog Fashion And A Fellow guest posting on HWB today. You may remember Rebekah from our recent post on her absolutely splendid wedding to the handsome “fellow” of FAAF fame. If you’re not already following her great blog, you really should start. Like NOW. Meanwhile, enjoy her tips and fashion/accessory picks for dressing to impress on the pre-wedding party circuit! And make sure to jump over to FAAF (and follow her on Twitter) for plenty more awesome style advice and general loveliness.

Take it away, Rebekah!

“Three of the biggest parties you’ll likely attend during your wedding preparation are engagement parties, wedding showers, and your rehearsal dinner. With the fall and winter wedding season quickly approaching, I created a couple of outfit choices to fit each of your wedding occasion needs, and made each outfit wearable whether it is a warmer or cooler day…because you never know in Houston!”

[Engagement Party]

Fashion and a Fellow Engagement Party

“This party can be a ‘girls-only’ event, or can include your soon-to-be-husband, and other guys. Either way, I like to keep it classy and sophisticated with a peplum dress, or a blouse and shorts with a tweed jacket.”


[Wedding Shower]

Fashion and a Fellow Wedding Shower

“To me, this party is filled with flowers, delicate desserts and maybe a mimosa…or two! I chose a bright printed dress and added a studded belt for a little edge. I love a delicate dress with a surprisingly stronger piece, like a belt or a statement necklace.”


[Rehearsal Dinner]

Fashion and a Fellow Rehearsal Dinner

“This event is a time to reflect over the past months and look forward to the days ahead. You are almost a BRIDE. Choose a piece with shades close to white, like pink or yellow, or mix in a white piece with another color. I chose one with metallic flecks that glittered in the light.”

“Remember: You’re the bride, you can do whatever you want. There are no rules. This is your time to shine and make the most of it!”


Photos: Courtesy of  Rebekah Gullo