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We’ve Got A Craving For Wedding Cookies!

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

Specialty sweets tables are a big deal for weddings right now. Color-coordinated candy extravaganzas, vintage candy-store displays, gourmet chocolate spreads—sweets are not just delish, they invoke childhood memories and symbolize a sweet union.

Candy not your bag? Here’s an alternative: cookies! They’re small, they’re simple, they’re darling to look at and comforting to eat. Really, who can say no to a cookie? Especially when it’s your grandmother’s chocolate-chip-pecan recipe, or crisp, buttery shortbread, or colorful dipped fortune cookies bearing messages of love, or sugar-dusted Mexican wedding cookies lookin’ like perfect little snowballs of yummy. We like cookies stacked on tiered stands or passed with shots of ice-cold milk. Heck, we like cookies pretty much any way, any time.

Wedding Favors & Dessert Flavors from Araya Artisan Chocolate

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

OK, so let’s say you’re at Mia Bridal Couture trying on divine designer wedding gowns and you get a craving for a little something sweet. We’re happy to report that Araya Artisan Chocolate, one of the shopping center’s newest additions, awaits you, with some of the most exotic, exciting, extraordinary chocolates and confections we’ve ever tasted (and some of the best chocolates you’ve ever tasted, if you happened to attend the recent Amsale trunk show at Mia, where Araya was serving up samples).

Co-owner Stefano Zullian—he runs Araya with wife Carla Susi and sister-in-law Silvana Susi—is Italian by way of Venezuela, and his chocolates are crafted with Venezuelan cacao, “regarded as one of the best in the world,” Zullian tells us. These decadent Venezuelan chocolates and truffles contain no artificial flavors or preservatives and are sweetened with honey rather than sugar. Flavors include Key Lime, Chai Spice and Pink Salt (a dark chocolate ganache with a hint of Himalayan salt that’s a major favorite, Zullian notes), plus many, many others. And the packaging? Amazing…and evolving. Says Zullian, “We will invite local and foreign artist to contribute their art to our packages and we will run limited editions of each of those box covers.”

Araya chocolates aren’t just a bride’s shopping-break indulgence. They also make gracious and delicious favors for showers, engagement parties and receptions. Maybe cake’s just not your thing. Zullian says you’d be in good company in Venezuela, where wedding couples and their guests are “not that crazy about cake.” Instead, he says, many couples opt for a lavish chocolate table, with multi-colored chocolate truffles and confections artfully arranged for guests viewing and eating pleasure. And you can too, with Araya’s help.

So check them out, and let them know you discovered them on the Houston Wedding Blog, where we make it our job to bring a little extra sweetness into your hectic planning life!

Candy Centerpieces and Favors from Harvard Sweet Boutique

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

Sure, flower arrangements are a splendid choice for your bridesmaid luncheon or bridal shower. But you can’t eat roses.
Harvard Sweet Boutique’s centerpieces, on the other hand, are not just lovely to look at, but ridiculously delicious too. We absolutely adore the pink-and-green Garden Party centerpiece, with its fancifully tied, modern striped boxes. For a case of the blues you won’t want to kick, the Ocean centerpiece combines tranquil blue hues with rich chocolate brown for a look that’s both hip and classic. Any centerpiece you select can be filled with mouthwatering Harvard Sweet confections of your choice, from toffees to fudge brownies to peppermint bark and more.
We also have a hunger for Harvard Sweet Boutique’s wedding favor boxes. How pretty these babies will look on your tabletop, and how pleased your guests will be to open them and find decadent chocolate truffles or diminutive gourmet cookies inside.

Rachel Ray’s a big fan of Harvard Sweet Boutique—she featured their sinful chocolate chip cookies on her show as the “snack of the day,” much to gobbling guests delight. Your guests, too, are sure to cobble. Um, can you add us to the invite list—please?

LolliBride Chocolate Invitations and Favors

Monday, November 30th, 2009


We’ve covered
boxed invitations, feather-accented invitations, message-in-a-bottle invitations, sculptural-floral invitations, video invitations…and now, chocolate invitations!

LolliBrides from Naturally Gifted in Yorktown Heights, N.Y., are 8 ½-inch-tall, 2-ounce chocolate lollipops dressed in gorgeously colorful strapless ball gowns complete with tulle overlays and ribbon sashes. These edible lovelies are available in milk or white chocolate and come in a range of juicy gown colors including Gem Peridot, Gem Citrine and Gem Pink (when you order online, you’ll have to send a separate e-mail specifying which colors you want, and how many of each). Personalized labels let you customize your LolliBrides for your occasion, whatever it may be.

We especially love LolliBrides for bridal showers…as invites, place-setting favors, take-home centerpieces, game prizes, dessert—you name it. Truly unique, truly gorgeous, truly WEDDING. Here comes the LolliBride!

Clay Flowers by DK Designs

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009
Clay Flowers by DK Designs

Clay Flowers by DK Designs

There’s nothing quite as beautiful, quite as fresh, quite as romantic as wedding-day flowers. Until the end of the night when they droop and discolor and have to be tossed unceremoniously in the trash bin, that is.

If you’ve dreamt about wedding flowers that would look gorgeous and last practically forever, your dreams have now come true. Diane Phillips of DK Designs creates clay flower arrangements that are every bit as vibrant as the real thing, but will stay totally fresh looking throughout your event, and endure for ages beyond (with proper care—don’t get them wet or expose them to extended direct sunlight—and storage).

DK Designs’ custom creations include centerpieces, bridal bouquets, hair accessories, boutonnieres and wedding favors—all made from CLAYCRAFT by DECO Soft Clay. The designer also sells standard designs through her Etsy shop. These flowers are incredibly lifelike and richly colored—guests will think they’re real, unless you tell them otherwise.

We love, love, love this concept, and we love DK Designs. So does Martha Stewart. The queen of crafts featured DK Designs on her “Martha Stewart Show” April Fool’s Day episode, where Diane taught Martha how to make clay hydrangeas.

Check out these stunning examples for inspiration!