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Houston Bridal Couture Goes Custom With David Peck USA

Houston Bridal Couture Goes Custom With David Peck USA

Photo: David Peck USA

Like every love story, every bride is unique, individual, one-of-a-kind. Nobody knows this better than Houston-based designer David Peck, whose gorgeous made-to-measure bridal gowns burst onto the wedding scene with a splash at the I Do! Bridal Soiree runway in January. While the David Peck bridal collection debuted on our spectacular Royal Sonesta Hotel runway, the designer’s River Oaks atelier is a fixture on the Houston fashion scene. Which means that the bride who picks David Peck for her big-day dress gets the benefit not just of Peck’s design genius, but of his talented team of experts. And she gets a gown that is made specifically for her body, her taste, her vision of her perfect day—a gown that, like the love of her life, is hers and hers alone.

Call 713.524.3482 to schedule your consultation and start planning…perfection.

Jean-Ralph Thurin 2014 Bridal Collection

Designer Jean-Ralph Thurin believes that every bride has her own unique story, which should be showcased on her big day. Thurin’s 2014 bridal collection features wedding dresses in a range of crisp silhouettes, crystal embellishments and luxurious fabrics, plus more than a few surprise details. These fabulous one-of-a-kind bridal gowns are tailor made for the statement-making modern bride. We’ve picked out our favorites, now it’s your turn to check out these modern fairytale gowns!

Photos: Jean-Ralph Thurin

Eugenia Couture 2014 Bridal Collection

Simply gorgeous is how we’d describe the new 2014 bridal collection from the mother-daughter design team at Eugenia Couture. Starting with classic silhouettes, Eugenia Couture adds delicate bits of sparkle, diaphanous overlays and sheer-illusion touches, along with exquisite lace and sumptuous beading, for an array of wedding gowns that are just made (and made in the USA in a zero-waste process, at that!) for the modern bride. Though the closest you’ll find them to Houston is in Dallas, for NOW, we predict that demand for these beautiful wedding dresses will ensure that they find their way into a local salon soon enough. For now…feast your eyes!

Photos: Eugenia Couture

T. Carolyn Fashions’ Terrie Martin on How Chinese New Year Affects MOB & MOG Dress Shopping

T. Carolyn Fashions’ Terrie Martin on How Chinese New Year Affects MOB & MOG Dress Shopping

Photo: T. Carolyn Fashions

Your Thanksgiving dinner is still digesting, Christmas and New Year’s are looming on the horizon…and you have a wedding coming up. If you’re like most mothers-of-the-bride, you’re thinking, “Just let me get through the holidays, then I’ll start looking for my dress.” It sounds reasonable enough—after all, what are mothers always busy doing besides taking care of everyone else?

The problem is that there’s another holiday looming on the horizon that could put your mother-of-the-bride (or mother-of-the-groom) dress in jeopardy. I’m referring to Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year—officially the year of the horse—begins on Jan. 31 this year. I say begins, because unlike our single-day New Year’s celebration, Chinese New Year is celebrated for 15 days. Add to this the time spent making preparations for the holiday, and it can create  down-time of four to six weeks for Chinese factories, where the majority of special-occasion attire is crafted. This can easily turn a 14-week delivery into a 21-week delivery!

To put this into perspective, if you went shopping today and found a fabulous dress that you loved, and knew that it was the dress you wanted to walk down the aisle in—yes, mothers, you’re walking down the aisle, too—and the store had every size in stock but yours, you would be looking at a delivery date after Easter!

The takeaway is this: While your child’s spring or summer wedding may still seem very far away, know that by shopping now, during early December, you will have your pick of all of the best styles for those seasons. As an added bonus, you’ll really get to relax and enjoy the holidays with your family and friends knowing that your special dress is secured!

–Terrie Martin, T. Carolyn Fashions

For more expert MOB/MOG shopping advice, and to view the season’s most beautiful wedding-day and special-occasion styles, visit T. Carolyn Fashions.

T. Carolyn Fashions’ Terrie Martin on How Chinese New Year Affects MOB & MOG Dress Shopping

Photo: T. Carolyn Fashions