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Top Houston Wedding Cake Baker Cakes By Gina Hand Painted
Cake: Cakes By Gina | Photo: Civic Photos

We’re super excited to have top Houston wedding cake artist Gina Gutierrez, of Cakes By Gina, on the blog today! Our Q&A with famed Houston baker and wedding cake designer Gutierrez is packed with wedding cake design secrets, groom’s cake ideas and 2018 wedding cake trends. Read on for full, mouthwatering scoop.

Houston Wedding Blog: What qualities do you think most distinguish Cakes By Gina wedding cakes? Do you have a signature style?

Gina Gutierrez: I am told by many people at networking events, and by customers who visit our shop, that they can walk into a room and see a cake and just know it’s a Cakes By Gina cake. It’s such an amazing feeling to be told that! It’s all in the finish. I always look for the cake to be perfect, without any flaws. It’s our Number One goal: perfection!

Black Wedding Cake Pink Roses Cakes By Gina Houston
Cake: Cakes By Gina | Photo: Civic Photos
HWB: What trends are you seeing in wedding cakes for Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 weddings?

GG: All of the fall colors are showing up as usual. The bolder the better this year it seems, for 2018 wedding cake trends. Purples, burgundies and more of the deep fall hues are popping up on the orders for our fall brides. The 2019 brides are booking earlier than ever it seems. Many brides are opting for a single cake flavor for all of their tiers instead of multiple flavors like they have in the past. While grooms’ cakes are still just as popular as ever, brides are adding wedding dessert tables to complement the bridal cakes and provide additional sweet treats for their guests.

Pink Ivory Gold Wedding Cake Leaves Cakes By Gina
Cake: Cakes By Gina | Photo: Kimberly Brooke Photographic
HWB: What’s your most difficult wedding cake decoration technique?

GG: As the trends change, it seems one thing remains the same… standing 3D cakes are hard! Not only do you have to worry that they are going to stand properly for the entire reception, we have to deliver them too! Driving with one of those cakes and getting it to its destination safely and getting it set up perfectly is no easy task, let me tell you. Decorating techniques are changing day by day and hand-painted wedding cakes are really becoming popular. We’ve been blessed to have added a couple of very talented artists to our team to bring those hand-painted wedding cake designs into reality.

3D Groom Cake Gina Houston
Cake: Cakes By Gina | Photo: Mustard Seed Photography
HWB: What’s the coolest groom’s cake you’ve ever created?

GG: Wow, that is a hard question! So many of them are cool in one way or another. There’ve been wine barrels, beer coolers, golf bags, cigar boxes, football stadiums, life-like pets, cars and more, but the one that stands out for me is the dinosaur cake we made for a wedding at the museum last year. It was so real looking it fit perfectly like it was a piece of a display at the museum!

HWB: What do you love most about working with Houston wedding couples?

GG: From the moment we meet them for the consultation and cake tasting to the day we deliver the cake to their reception, our goal is to create happiness for them. Our team loves the process. We get to listen to what their wildest dreams are for their special day, then we get to make it happen. It’s also very rewarding to see them come back time after time for cakes for their other special life moments like baby showers, birthdays and anniversaries. Yeah, it’s our tagline, but making cake dreams come true is really what we get to do every day.

Visit Cakes By Gina at Weddings in Houston for more info and photos, and to schedule your wedding cake consultation. And be sure to tell her you found her, and her gorgeous cakes, on the Houston Wedding Blog!



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