Band or DJ?

It’s a classic wedding conundrum: Create an ambience of grandeur with a fine live music ensemble…or give ’em something they can really move to?

If you find yourself trying to decide between a band and DJ, ask yourself these simple questions, and you may find the choice an easier one than you’d anticipated:

How important are our favorite songs? If you and your fiancé have a list of songs you absolutely MUST hear on your wedding day or you’ll forever feel the lingering ache of disappointment, a DJ is probably the best choice. Any DJ worth his salt will be able to source your favorite tunes, from ’70s classics to country hits to the latest hip-hop tracks, and make sure they are played (repeatedly, if need be). A band with a set repertoire, not so much.

Do we want one particular theme or type of music? There’s nothing like an experienced band, complete with the right instruments and attire, to enhance a wedding theme, evoke cultural traditions or create an air of authenticity. If you and your fiancé are mad for salsa, or you met in a swing-dance class, or you’re marrying at a ranch and you want to get the full effect with live fiddlers and such, an authentic band is the way to go.

How much room do we have? A smaller venue typically means a smaller stage area. A smaller stage area means a small band. A small band may end up sounding, well, small—not what you want guests to experience on your big day. In this case, a DJ is a better bet, and can offer a bigger sound with a minimum use of space.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime event—shouldn’t it include once-in-a-lifetime entertainment? A live music performance is a totally in-the-moment, one-time deal. For sheer intensity, there is nothing like the experience of watching expert musicians do their thing, or enjoying the many thrilling, unscripted moments of a live show. If spontaneity is your thing, a band will truly make your heart sing.

What can we afford? Yes, music is vitally important to your wedding—but don’t go broke for it. In almost all cases, a live band, with multiple live performers who need to be paid for their work, not to mention fed and tipped, is a considerably more expensive option. If you want a band and can afford it, go for it—this is your wedding, after all. But don’t forgo beautiful floral or delicious hors d’oeuvre, or overextend yourself financially, just to get a tuxedo-clad, 12-piece ensemble on your wedding stage. Houston has plenty of outstanding DJs to fit every taste, budget and need, and with a little wise shopping—through referrals, in-person meetings and careful review of any prospective DJ’s work via video, etc.—you will find the one who’s right for your perfect night.

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