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Band of Horses Plays Fan Couple’s Wedding—Who’d Play Yours?

Ever dream of having your favorite band play your wedding? One Norwegian couple’s fan fantasy came true. Groom Njal proposed to bride Elin at a Band of Horses show in Oslo earlier this year. So when the couple heard that the South Carolina-based indie band was going to be heading back to Norway for a music festival in Tromso, their home town, right around the time of their September wedding, naturally they sent fan mail to tell the band their romantic tale. And rather unnaturally, the band showed up at the wedding ceremony to surprise the couple with a beautiful rendition of their soulful “Marry Song.” OMG. Check out the vid. You can see the bride wipe a tear from her eye as she takes it all in!

Maybe your taste runs more toward country crooners or perhaps you’re gaga for Gaga. Maybe you imagine your fave singer soloing as you sashay down the aisle—or maybe you envision your beloved band taking to the stage to rock the reception.

Drop a comment here and let us know your wedding music fantasy, Houston bride. Who knows? It just may come true. Ask Elin and Njal. And congrats, you two!

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2 thoughts on “Band of Horses Plays Fan Couple’s Wedding—Who’d Play Yours?

  1. That’s awesome.

    Friends of my sister’s back in Australia won a wedding through Australia’s Today Show, and in addition to their wedding, they were told a celebrity band was going to perform at their wedding, but they had no idea who.

    It turned out to be Hanson, lol. The husband was not impressed.

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