As Platinum’s Price Drops, Brides’ Joy Soars

When it comes to wedding bands, Houston brides love the look and feel of platinum. Who wouldn’t? That cool white luster, that substantial heft, that incredible durability (it’s the strongest of jewelry metals)—platinum just seems so perfectly suited to weddings.

We even like platinum’s relative softness: Platinum “scuffs” easily compared to gold, which means that platinum wedding bands tend to fossilize the many little moments of daily married life (running your hands through Hawaiian sands on your blissful honeymoon, moving furniture around in your newlywed love nest, preparing dinner parties as husband and wife, etc.). Of course, if you crave precious platinum but still prefer an unblemished look, you can always take your band to your jeweler for periodic polishing.

Here’s the thing: While we are crazy for wedding platinum, we aren’t quite as nuts about platinum’s traditionally sky-high cost—as much as five, six or many more times that of an equivalent gold band. Ouch!

Good news: In the last year, platinum prices, always volatile compared to many other jewelry metals, have plunged about 50% from early 2008. Since forecasts are predicting a rebound in platinum’s price in 2010, right now looks like a very good time to get a very good price on a pair of platinum bands.

To find the right platinum pieces for you and your betrothed, better start with the best. Click here for a directory of Houston’s top wedding jewelers, and start testing your metal, Houston bride!

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