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Sweet Couture

Sweet Couture

For those brides among you who may find themselves on a rather tight wedding budget during these rather tough economic times, we recently ran this post with great budget-maximizing tips from top Houston wedding planner Karen Brown.

Well, we’re at it again, this time with input from the delightful and gracious Heather George of picturesque Conroe wedding venue Heather’s Glen.

Here’s Heather’s advice for the budget-watching bride:

On FAVORS: “Brides can save a lot by not purchasing cheap tchotchkes that really add up! Rather than purchasing personalized knick-knacks as favors for everyone, provide a
candy buffet or a coffee bar. Your guests are likely to eat candy, but not likely to save a coaster with your picture and wedding date on it.”

On LINEN: “See what your facility already provides; many have standard linens and centerpieces that you can spruce up with your colors in rose petals or a runner, rather than renting expensive linens.”

On VENUE RENTAL: “Another excellent way to save is to have a wedding on a Friday night, Saturday morning or Sunday evening.  Most facilities have lower minimums for those hours.”

On PHOTOGRAPHERS: “NEVER skimp on a photographer. The pictures will last a lifetime. If you find a gorgeous facility, you want to have quality pictures of your special day there. It would be a shame to look back and say, ‘The pictures just don’t do it justice!’”

Amen to that, Heather. And thanks a million for the free advice—now we’ve got more to spend on that yummy candy buffet!

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  1. Kay says:

    Great ideas.those are all things i totally agree with and recommend to any bride planning a budget friendly wedding.You can find similar ideas at the Budget Friendly Weddings Expo.

  2. tchotchkes says:

    […] to … on-line metadata, will receive cool tchotchkes, and will be eligible to display Public …MORE Make the Most of Your Wedding Budget Houston Wedding BlogOn FAVORS: Brides can save a lot by not purchasing cheap tchotchkes that really add up! … Leave a […]

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