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How do I choose a ring? When are peonies in season? Who should host the rehearsal dinner? What’s the difference between an A-line and a ballgown? Where can I have an outdoor ceremony?

When planning a wedding, these are just a few of the questions you may encounter along the way. Our archive of wedding planning ideas, articles and tips will help you navigate the world of wedding planning. Etiquette advice, wedding trends, planning pointers, exclusive designer profiles and more, are just a few of the topics covered.

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Let's Get Digital

5 top tech hacks for planning a successful wedding.

Wedding Gown Buying Guide

Find out when to shop, whom to bring and how to choose, straight from the pros.

The New Station

Interactive food vignettes and made-to-order creations are par for the reception course. So dig in!

Personalized to Perfection

Tell your unique love story with your one-of-a-kind wedding.

Love Wins

9 Tips for Planning a Great LGBT Wedding

Home Sweet Home

It’s your newlywed nest—don’t settle for less than the best.

5 Priceless Ring-Buying Tips

It's the deal-sealer-make it a scene-stealer.

Anvil Bar & Refuge’s Terry Williams Stirs Up Celebration

From the moment it opened its doors back in 2009, Anvil Bar & Refuge staked its claim as the trailblazer in Houston’s now booming classic-cocktail scene.

2016 Wedding Design Trends

The most coveted looks in linens, flowers, table decor and room design, presented by Top Houston design pros!

7 Essential Planning Tips

Keep calm and marry on, with this sound advice from top wedding pros.

On the Waterfront

8 Water-View Venues That “Wow”

From I Do to Adieu

14 Houston Ceremony + Reception Venues

It’s a Girl Thing

A bachelorette bash that’s both sassy and classy? It’s not just possible…it’s a must!

Profiles in Cake Couture | Susie's Cakes & Confections

"We've Created many magnificent cakes for celebrities, and for the 'who's who' of Houston. The common element for my wedding couples is that they all just want the very best." - Susie Edwards

Profiles in Cake Couture | Who Made The Cake!

"Our cakes are known for being fresh and moist, so that guests always remember that the cake didn't just look good, it also tasted incredible." - Nadine Moon

18 Hot Wedding Decor Ideas

Top Houston wedding designers, florists and decorators tap big trends and alluring looks for wow weddings.

11 Romantic Houston Venues

Wildflower-filled meadows, serene chapels and glittering ballrooms—Houston's fabulous event venues offer sublime celebration spaces.

8 Wedding Etiquette Questions Answered

Orchestrating such an important event as your wedding takes some fancy footwork, a sense of humor, and, of course, lots of expert advice! Here are some of your most popular questions answered about the do's and don'ts of wedding-planning.

9 Tips for Planning a Great LGBT Wedding

Everyone is here for you, to celebrate your marriage and your commitment. The party will be great, but I can promise that if you have a thoughtful, meaningful ceremony, the party will be even more amazing.

Q&A With Texas Celebrity Chef Tim Love

If you’ve caught him on CNBC’s “Restaurant Startup,” the Food Network’s “Top Chef: The Cruise,” or in any of his many appearances on national shows including NBC’s “Today Show” and ABC’s “Good Morning America,” you know that chef Tim Love is a consummate entertainer and a master with a slab of good meat.

6 Essential Wedding Day Attire Shopping Tips

Choosing wedding attire presents a distinct conundrum: namely, how to dress oneself for arguably the most traditional of rituals, while still being fabulous, unique and stylishly on trend. Follow this essential advice for selecting, buying and caring for your “Yes, yes, YES!” dress and attire.

5 Social Media Rules for Weddings

If you’re hooked on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and/or Twitter—or know that a large percentage of your guests are likely to be—but unsure of how big or how small a role you want social media to play in conjunction with your big day, this social-media advice is for you.

10 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding Menu

Offering a menu that is a reflection of you is a way to share a taste of who you are, where you come from, what you like and what you love. Think that sounds like a complicated recipe? Not so, say Houston culinary experts, who are ready, willing and excited to fulfill requests for beloved comfort foods.

LGBT Marriage: Buying, Giving and Wearing Wedding Rings

A common question many gay couples have is, “Does the person who was proposed to have to ‘propose back’ with a ring?” With gay and lesbian couples, there’s no right answer about who proposes, who gets a ring, and what that ring looks like. While there is no standard “gay-engagement ring” or “gay-wedding band,” this can, however, be one of the first areas where you as a couple express your personality through your wedding.

DIY vs. Don’t Try

So what should you DIY—and which wedding components should you probably not try? We’ve got your tips for a wedding that is as personal as it is, well…perfect!

4 Ring Buying Rules

An engagement ring and wedding band are no mere pieces of jewelry. Each is a symbol of something much more precious than fine metals or rare gems: everlasting love. Which is why, for most couples, your wedding rings are almost certain to be the most important, and expensive, jewelry items you’ve ever purchased—and why choosing rings, whether you do it together or individually, can be fraught with intense pressure. And that’s where we come in, with these essential ring-buying tips.

5 Registry Tips for Couples

You or your spouse-to-be may be the one to pick the flowers, wedding theme, and tablescape ideas. But your gift registry is one area where both parties can, and should, take an active part in planning. So get in there and get registered!

Picture Perfect Wedding Albums

There is nothing like a beautifully crafted physical album to preserve your most cherished photos, and endure as a family keepsake for generations to come. Creating a wedding album to treasure forever—and to be cherished for generations to come—starts before the first photo is even shot, with good planning.

All Night Fun

From ceremony accompaniment to selfie stations to beats that get everyone moving on the dance floor, memorable wedding entertainment comes in many sounds, sizes and sorts. Keep guests entertained from start to finish, for a lively, lovely fete they will never forget.

The Voice Of Video

Rather than mere footage of the big day, the modern wedding video is the cinematic narrative of a profoundly personal milestone.