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How do I choose a ring? When are peonies in season? Who should host the rehearsal dinner? What’s the difference between an A-line and a ballgown? Where can I have an outdoor ceremony?

When planning a wedding, these are just a few of the questions you may encounter along the way. Our archive of wedding planning ideas, articles and tips will help you navigate the world of wedding planning. Etiquette advice, wedding trends, planning pointers, exclusive designer profiles and more, are just a few of the topics covered.

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Will You Marry Me?

Real rings, real proposal stories and the real Houston couples behind them.

5 Absolutely Essential Wedding Planning Tips

The first thing you can do to ensure that your wedding planning goes off without a hitch? Hire a professional planner, who will bring years of experience and solid vendor relationships to the process, and can save you money in the long run. The second thing? Take this sound advice from some of the best in the wedding planning business.

Picture This

If you’ve ever looked at a friend’s wedding photo album and found yourself feeling all the feels of that incredible day—even if you weren’t there in person—well, those feels you’re feeling can be chalked up to the talent of the wedding photographer. It is the photographer’s job to not just document the wedding, but to capture its magic and majesty, its uniqueness and grandeur, and, of course, all the small details and fleeting moments that make it such a momentous occasion. Now that it’s your turn to walk the aisle, it’s time to find the artist who will preserve, in glorious visual form, the beauty of your one-of-a-kind celebration. And you can start right here, with these valuable words of advice, from some of the finest photography pros in the business.

Sunday is for Celebrating

It may be the traditional day of rest, but when it comes to weddings, Sunday is shaping up to be a fun day, indeed. The main reason? In a word: flexibility. Got your sights set on a fabulous photographer…who, it turns out, is booked up a year in advance? Chances are that he or she is likely to be available on a Sunday. Is the venue you adore just a little bit out of your price range? Approach them again, asking about Sunday pricing—it’s likely to be considerably more affordable.

A Room with a View

Sprawling, spacious, and, after a few seasons of abundant rain, very green, the Houston area has much to offer the wedding couple seeking a special venue, where indoor elegance and outdoor beauty go hand in hand. Whether nature’s bounty is glimpsed through stately windows, from the climate-controlled comfort of a regal ballroom, or enjoyed in its pure al fresco form, the region’s country clubs, estates, mansions and gardens offer many pastoral delights. In this feature, we present some of our favorite spaces for unique, and uniquely private, wedding ceremonies and receptions.

The Art of the Party

Whether it houses priceless paintings, cultural treasures or historical artifacts (or all three), a museum is a destination for education, inspiration, and, for some, personal reflection. It can also be a wonderful place for celebration, particularly the wedding kind. Here, we open the doors to two distinguished museums—one in Houston, one in Galveston—that offer artful and elegant spaces to dine, dance…and say, “I do!”

The Unbiased Lens

Separate the myths from the truths of same-sex wedding photography.

Destination Wailea

Surrounded by 40 acres of lush tropical landscape, and featuring manicured gardens, dazzling pools, a $30-million art collection, and a shopping promenade filled with designer boutiques, The Grand Wailea is a true destination resort—one that you and your wedding guests may never want to leave.

Registry Rules

Building your wedding registry is sort of like building a home with your future spouse—except on someone else’s dime. Which is why it’s so important to create your registry with consideration and mindfulness, making sure to include a well-rounded mix of everyday items, things you’ll use for special occasions, and a few special keepsakes that will be cherished for generations to come. Turn to these insider tips to assemble a registry that meets your needs today, and sees you through a lifetime together as a married couple.

Music to Their Ears

Want to plan a wedding celebration that guests will remember for years to come, but don’t know where to start? Don’t fret! Houston’s top wedding entertainers are here to offer their expert advice on how to set a tone, touch an emotional chord…and raise the roof when the time is right.

Make It Click

You know the phrase, “Time flies when you’re having fun?” Well, take it from recent brides and grooms everywhere: If there’s one day in your life when time flies by way faster than all the rest, it’s your wedding day. One minute, you’re putting the finishing touches on your makeup, and the next thing you know, the DJ is announcing the final song of the evening (of course, you’re having the time of your life in between). Your wedding should be an unforgettable celebration for you, your new spouse, and your guests, which is why, for most newlyweds, the 10 or 12 hours of hugs and toasts, drinking and dancing, laughter and happy tears, are somewhat of a blur. But that doesn’t mean your photos should be. Which is why finding your perfect wedding photographer is so important.

Must-Have Wedding Shot List

Any photographer worth their salt will get the must-have shots you expect from your wedding… the decor, the moment you’re pronounced newlyweds, all the “firsts” (look, kiss, dance), and the posed portraits (including the “everyone do something fun” wedding party shot.)

Lights, Camera...Love!

You take your seat in the hushed movie theater. The lights go down and you feel the pulse of anticipation that comes before the opening credits flash onto the screen. You reach for your sweetheart’s hand, and wait for the magic to begin. 

Delight, Excite, INVITE!

The modern couple’s wedding invitation comes in all shapes, sizes and colors, and is carefully crafted to express their unique personality. As Amanda Bayer of Bella Dia Stationery puts it, “Your invitation is the first sneak-peek of your event, and sets the mood and theme of your entire wedding.” Here’s how to create a wedding invitation that expresses who you are as a couple, while providing essential wedding information to your guests, graciously, and with style.

Farm to Fête

Inspired by her father’s love for food and her love of farm-fresh meats and produce—her go-to meal is warm potato salad with coddled pheasant eggs—Marcey Brownstein developed a flair for hosting parties for friends, which led her to launch her own catering business in 2000. Using impeccably sourced, seasonal ingredients in her reception menus and celebratory cocktails, self-taught chef Brownstein is on everyone’s radar in New York’s super-hot wedding scene. Find out about Brownstein’s most in-demand dishes, “locavore” leanings, and passion for mini mouthfuls with major impact, in this delicious Weddings in Houston interview!

The Unexpected Menu

An outstanding reception is the result of a good working partnership between the happy couple and their selected caterer or venue. The bride and groom communicate their dreams for their ideal reception and the caterer helps refine those ideas into delicious realities. And just as each couple’s dream has a different feel and…flavor, each reception menu can, and should, offer a taste of the wedding couple’s distinct personality and backgrounds. So dig in, as we serve up a feast of fabulously unique food options and ideas, courtesy of a cadre of leading Houston catering experts.

7 Common Wedding Planning Pitfalls…And How to Avoid Them

The road to your wedding day will be paved with plenty of touching and beautiful moments…along with a few “speed bumps.” Avert the most common of these getting-hitched glitches with practical tips from Houston’s most experienced wedding planning professionals.

Mother's Day

She’s always given you great advice. Now you can return the favor, by sharing these expert tips on shopping and dressing for one of the biggest events of Mom’s life: your wedding.

From I Do to Adieu

14 Houston Ceremony + Reception Venues From historical buildings and downtown vistas to serene gardens and enchanting ballrooms, these 14 Houston-area venues offer dream-worthy backdrops from the moment you say your vows until your spectacular newlywed sendoff.

Haute Wedding Hotels

Baby, it’s cold outside. Or sweltering hot. Or raining cats and dogs. Whatever the city’s fickle weather on your wedding day, you won’t fret a bit. That’s because you know that your guests will be surrounded by the beauty, opulence, sublime service—and state-of-the-art climate control—offered by one of Houston’s world-class hotels.

Rites + Rituals

Tradition + personal truth = a ceremony of enduring significance First comes love, then comes marriage…then comes the celebration. In all the excitement and planning and prettifying of the wedding reception—likely the most elaborate party of your life—the significance of the marriage ceremony can sometimes get…sidelined. But the sanctification of your marriage vow is the very heart of your wedding.

Head for the Hill Country

Deep in the heart of Texas sits a region that has found its way into the hearts of photographers, adventure-seekers, wine-lovers and true romantics across the country.

Wedding Parties with Panache

“Simple Stunning” book series author Karen Bussen on big-day bashes with subtle style Inspired by her mother’s love of art and home decorating, Karen Bussen made her own foray into the world of hospitality and event design, working for famed New York restaurateur Danny Meyer and celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito. In 2000, the ambitious and free-spirited Bussen—she leapt into adult life by signing on as a magician’s assistant on a cruise ship at the tender age of 17—launched her own event planning company.

Elegantly Invited

Impress, inform and excited your guests with an invitation that foreshadows...fabulous.

Natural Design with Kelly Marie Thompson of Chicago's Fleur Inc.

Chicago's Fleur Inc. has become one of the city's hottest destinations for exquisite, American-made gifts, home-decor goodies, and—most of all—stunning custom floral design.

Sweet Somethings

Baking guru, stylist and author Jenny Keller explains why, for weddings, there's no such thing as too much dessert.

Pre-Wedding Fitness For Body + Mind

Getting in shape for your wedding is easier, and way more fun, than you think.

Lessons In Intimacy

Life and love lessons to ensure a lasting marriage union.

Get Gorgeous, Girl!

"Radiant Bride" author Alexis Wolfer talks prepping, primping and getting wedding-day beautiful.

Let's Get Digital

5 top tech hacks for planning a successful wedding.